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How To Keep Coyotes Away From Chickens

It is a well-known fact that coyotes are a major problem for chicken farmers. They can do significant damage to your chickens, and they can even kill them if you…

Digging Bar

How to Use a Digging Bar

You may not know what a digging bar is, but if you’ve ever dug a hole for a post, then you’re probably familiar with the digging bar. A digging bar…

Electric Fence for Goats

Best Electric Fences for Goats

Goats are notoriously curious animals. If you have goats, you are aware that they are perhaps the most challenging livestock to contain. They will regularly push against fences, chew, and…


Best Solar Electric Fence Charger for Deer

Electric fencing has been used for decades to keep animals in an area or out of a certain location. Electric fences are most often used with livestock, but they can…

Electric Fence for Bulls

Best Electric Fence for Bulls

Any animal that weighs over 1000 pounds and has a lot of strength should be kept in an electric fence. These fences are the best way to keep your bulls…

Electric Fence

Best Electric Fence for Horses

Are you searching for the best electric fence for your horses? Horses are known to be majestic animals. At the same time, these are flight animals and oriented visually. If…

Electric Fence Chargers

Top 5 Electric Fence Chargers for Cattle

Electric fences are a great way to keep your cattle contained and safe, but if they have the chance of getting out it can be devastating. For this reason, you…