There are many ways to deal with cleaning the chicken coop without having to go through tedious methods so that you can control odors. Some coops are built with a mesh floor or a tray through where debris can fall and collect below. I am not in favor of this design, as it is a poor surface for walking on for chickens. Besides, it is difficult to control the draft inside the house.

Another option is to place straw on the bottom of the coop and simply remove it and replace it if necessary. This method is fine and easy to clean the chicken coop. But when the straw is wet, it creates an odor and adds moisture to the coop. Depending on the size of your herd, this may require daily straw replacement to ensure a clean, odorless environment.

Cleaning chicken poop can be smelly and an uncomfortable chore. It’s not the one we like to do, but it’s still a task that requires to be pursued for the health of your chicken and their surroundings.

Below are easy steps on how to clean a chicken coop:

The first thing to do is take the chickens out of the coop. Maybe lure them into the barrel with a treat like fruit or bread, maybe a little yogurt or mealworms. When everyone is out of the station, block the way back. All the work will be much easier if there are no chickens on the way!

It’s the happy part. All litter and excrement from the coop must be removed. If you have a pair of old gardening gloves or dishwashing gloves, now is the time to put them on. When cleaning poultry houses, there is also a lot of dry manure that turns to dust. If you have a face mask or dust mask, you can no longer breathe dust, which could also contain bacteria like E-coli. I think the easiest way to get it all out is with a shovel. Depending on the size of the coop, a small half brush should work properly. Load all the litter in a bucket or wheelbarrow and place it directly on the compost pile. Chicken manure is an excellent homemade fertilizer, and litter, whether hay or wood chips, also breaks down into new soil.

Check if the coop needs a hose as soon as all problems are resolved. Sometimes dirt collects on the sides and may need to be cleaned with high-pressure water or a normal scouring hose and brush.

Disinfectant. A versatile disinfectant that you can buy at the supermarket works perfectly. However, if you have the option of obtaining a specific aviation/birdcage disinfectant, you can rest assured that your birds are protected from bacteria and healthy. If necessary, dilute the disinfectant according to the label. Spray generously on all walls, hangers, and coop floors. Then let it dry as much as possible.

The last thing to do when cleaning the barn is to change the litter box. I like to use hay because chickens like to spread it out and eat grass seeds. Wood chips are a good option because they absorb much moisture. I also like to spread a few layers of newspaper on the floor first to help absorb the fluids and make it easier to keep everything when cleaning is needed next time, especially under the hangers where the chickens sleep.

When you’re done, let the chickens come in, watch them scratch on the new clean bedding and rest assured that you have happy, clean, and healthy chickens.

Final thoughts

Today, chicken coops are available in different models. You can get a pre-made coop or even build it yourself.

You should be very careful when choosing chicken coop designs. Some designs seem very inexpensive but are, in fact, ineffective. With these inexpensive designs, you may be able to spend more money on maintenance and repairs in the future. Therefore, it is better to avoid very cheap designs.

When looking for the best design for your chicken coop, there are some things to consider. Firstly, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the poop in the chicken coop. Make sure to build the chicken coop so that it can be easily cleaned. If you want your chickens to be healthy, you need to clean them regularly as well as the chicken coop.

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