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Installing an automatic chicken door can help you in more ways than one. You will not have to stay close always to let the chicken out and close the coop at night. And the automatic coop door helps protect your chicken from predators.

Although you can find several DIY automatic chicken door projects they may not always turn out well. Fortunately, there are automatic chicken coop door openers available that are ready to use with very little set up time.

The doors come with integrated light sensors that open the doors in the morning and close at nighttime.  Here is our list of best automatic chicken coop door opener reviews and a handy guide so you can choose the one that is best suited for your specific environment.

Types of Chicken Coop Door Opener

Chicken Coop Door openers are of different types. Based on their source of power they are divided in the following types:

  • Battery powered
  • Mains electric powered
  • Solar powered
  • Combination of battery, solar and mains electric current

Based on the automatic opening mechanism the door openers are divided as follows:

  • Light sensor based
  • Timer based

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers

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5 Best-Selling Chicken Coop Door Opener Reviews

AdorStore ADOR1 Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automatic door openers for chicken coop make your work easier. Some make your poultry farming task simpler by self adapting, according to seasonal changes. The AdorStore Ador 1 automatic chicken coop door is one such automatic coop door opener with self adapting mechanism. Another special feature in this door opener is it does not have a string puller. Instead the device has a direct drive sprocket that helps keep the door closed.

Made in the USA, this product comes with a one year warranty. The package includes 6 volt battery for free.  The device does not need electric outlet or solar power. Just the battery provided will be enough to operate the ADOR 1 for a minimum of one year.

The chicken door opener is made of heavy duty galvanized steel so is very sturdy. The front panel has LED status indicator and manual override. The sensor is made of infrared. Maintenance is easy and replacement parts are available at reasonable price.


  • Installation is easy and the product was ready to use immediately after removing from the pack
  • Customer service is good
  • The opening and closing mechanism is well designed and works without fail
  • Made of durable quality and design is good


  • The door opens in a crooked way after a few weeks of using it and does not always open fully
  • The opening time should be longer than the time provided for manual override, which is just 10 minutes
  • Needs using light for longer override, which requires you to go down to the coop and do it in person

JVR Automatic Chicken Door Coop Opener Kit

If you are in search of a simple chicken coop door opener without any of the fancy bells and whistles, the JVR automatic opener might be a good choice to consider. The electric door kit does not have any elaborate cabling or wiring. You have to just plug it in and use it. The dimensions, which include 11 13/16 inch in width and 12 9/16 in height, are sufficient for most ducks and chickens.

The construction is very sturdy with the body being made of heavy duty aluminum. The actuator arm is linear. The auto chicken door has a manufacturer warranty of one year and 100% money back assurance. The device uses VR advanced automatic tech with a top notch door timer and 16 programs along with a manual override. You can program the device for 7 days at a stretch and stay worry free. Works on DC power of 12 V or you can also use a 12 V solar powered battery


  • Door opener is of good quality
  • Setting up the door opener is easy
  • The actuator is made of good quality unlike cheap strings found in other products
  • The electrical parts of the opener are present in a weather proof box
  • The door and guide rails are made of top quality aluminum
  • Controls are present in a latched box so the hens will not damage them


  • Installation took more than two hours
  • The package had parts that were not necessary for the set up
  • The directions for installation are not clear
  • The door opens and closes too slow for comfort

Coop Controls Automatic Coop Door Opener Kit

If you are particular about using green energy for your automatic chicken coop door opener, the Coop Controls kit is a good choice. It uses integrated photo cell for automatic opening and closing of the door at sunrise and sunset respectively.  There is a 60 minute maximum adjustable delay for the opening and closing and a manual opening feature. The door dimensions required include 16 to 30 inches width.  The 12V battery provided is rechargeable with solar panel or a transformer with UL listing. For those owning free range chicken farms, the solar chicken door opener kit helps in a convenient and reliable operation without affecting their routine.


  • The chicken door opener kit has everything needed for installation
  • Solar panel is of good quality with sturdy bracket, actuator and housing
  • Actuator easily handles even large coop doors
  • The opener kit is compatible with any sturdy frame and door


  • The package does not include a set up manual
  • The wiring provided for connecting control box and arm is just three feet, which is not sufficient for proper placement
  • Photocell sensor is not designed properly. It takes time to recognize daylight making the chickens frustrated

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener with Timer

If you are on the lookout for a budget door opener that has the basic features like timer and sturdy construction, the automatic chicken coop door opener with timer is a sensible choice.

Made of top quality material, the wood has linseed oil coating to protect from snow, rain, moisture and other such elements.  So the auto chicken door can be installed as such without painting it.

Made in USA this is of vertical sliding door with measurements including 40 ½ inches in height, 13 7/8 inches in width and 3 7/8 inches depth. The product carries a one year warranty.


  • Installation is simple and done quickly
  • Unit is sturdily built
  • The sliding door is made of plywood, which is much better than low quality aluminum or steel sliders
  • Is an ideal choice for growing free range chickens without having to be physically present to oversee things


  • The wood expanded after the first exposure to rain and did not close
  • Needs a stronger string and better grade of wood for durability
  • Wood cracks easily even with lightest pressure

ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Pop Door Opener

The hassle of letting the hens out and locking them in at night can be totally done away with, thanks to the automatic chicken door opener kits available now. But not all are made of good quality and you can end up doing manual closing and opening of the entrance to the coop. The ChickenGuard Premium door opener is a choice to consider with its advanced technology integrated sensors and timers.

The chicken door opener is made of durable material that ensures it works optimally while opening and closing.  The material used is a blend of ASTi Premium opener and a runner made from oak wood with the door made of Aluminum. The installation and calibration can be done outdoors or indoors. The opener kit includes an LCD screen for setting the program. The dimensions include 16 inch by 12 inches with the oak runner being 24 inches in length.


  • Easy to install
  • Large buttons are easy to use even when wearing thick gloves
  • The 4 AA batteries required last up to 6 months
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Controller can be set to lux, manual or timer program for raising the door and lowering it
  • Customer support is good
  • Metal door is light in weight and sturdy
  • The door does not hurt the hens, if they are caught under it


  • Since the runners are made of red oak they do not withstand well against the elements
  • The oak runner has to be mounted inside if the door is does not have protection from snow, ice and other elements
  • The string gets caught inside the machine and the entire thing has to be reset for proper working of the string
  • Light sensor does not work well in overcast or cloudy weather conditions where it would close early leaving the chickens outside the whole night

Chicken Coop Door Opener Buyer’s Guide

When you have made up your mind on buying an automatic chicken door you should know what to look for and what to avoid. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed choice.


Consider the size of the pophole and the entire frame. For chickens, ducks, guineas, geese and turkeys a dimension of 12 inch width and 15 inch height is ideal.

For smaller breed of ducks or chickens like bantam chickens, a smaller sized opening is sufficient. For heavier turkeys and geese you need larger dimensions.

The frame size of the whole coop is not significant in case of a full sized henhouse. But in case of a coop with low overhead or a narrow one you have to consider the size of the overall frame.

Powered Door Openers

For doors designed to receive power from standard 120 V electric outlets, the plug can be easily dislodged by birds landing on it. You should also ensure the cord is long enough to reach a nearby outlet. The cables should be protected using snap cover conduit that is wall mounted.

Some doors use adapter for converting 120V current to 12 V DC, which allows you to use a battery instead. If you do not have electricity or are not on the grid, the battery powered models are good options to consider than the electric door models. Make sure the battery is placed on a shelf away from the reach of the birds.

Another power option is using a solar charger or a rechargeable battery. A solar chicken door is ideal for off grid users and for portable chicken coops.

Sensor Position

Automatic chicken door openers use light sensors for opening and closing. The daylight sensors are programmed to open when sun rises and close when the sun sets.

However the sensor should be placed in such a way that it received sufficient light for it to detect and work. And if you have a light shining on the sensor like for instance, a porch light it can cause the sensor to keep the door open even if it is night time.

So you have to adjust the sensor in such a way that it gets proper light so it works optimally. Look for doors that allow adjustment of the sensor and timer option. This will help you set the time for opening and closing.

But when you rely on the door timer, you have to reset it according to the daylight hours that alter based on the time of the year. However the facility to delay the opening using a timer is useful when you want to keep the birds in either to protect them from predators are to allow them finish laying eggs before they venture out.


With the right chicken coop door opener kit, you can have an automatic chicken door that allows the chickens out at dawn and avoids the screaming fit they put up wanting to go out and play.

At night it keeps the chickens protected from all kinds of predators such as opossums, groundhog, raccoons and more.

With our helpful buying guide and best automatic chicken door opener list, you will be able to choose the right kit for your chickens and have a hassle free time and peace of mind that your chickens are well protected even when you are away from home.

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