Winter is just around the corner and this might be the perfect time to invest in a chicken coop heater. Right now, we are all looking forward to spending the next few months with the heat cranked up and swaddled in blankets. After all, who does not love the holiday season and white Christmas spent around the warmth of the drawing-room fire.

But if you live on a farm and rear farm animals you might be in a bind with regards to whether you should get heaters for your beloved animals. There have always been dissident voices about the need for extra warmth for chicken during the winter. But the actual answer may vary depending upon the geographical location of each farm and the corresponding severity of the cold experienced there.

If you feel that it is too cold in your area and your chicken does need the extra warmth to be comfortable in the winter months, then you should go for a heater. These innovations in heating for farm animals are safe and convenient. Not only are most of these appliances energy efficient, but they are also unlikely to cause any fires in coops that are surrounded by highly flammable substances such as straw, feathers, etc.

If this is your first time investing in a sweeter heater for your farm buddies you might be slightly baffled by the sheer number of varieties available. While the tech specifications and lingo may seem confusing, we are here to break them down for you. So without further ado lets us get to looking for the best coop heaters that you should consider.

Top 5 Chicken Coop Heater

Last update on 2024-07-20

1. Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder

Last update on 2024-07-20

Brinsea EcoGlow is broader with a radiant underside that warms newly hatched chicks and ducklings. These newborn fowls may not yet be capable of mustering up enough body heat to survive harsh winters. They can get all the help they need from this appliance. The Brinsea brooder produces a uniform heated temperature throughout its body.

As implied by its name, this offering from Brinsea is even energy-efficient and consumes minimal power. Unlike regular heat lamps that consume about 250 watts, the Brinsea only needs around 14 watts to run at full power. This goes a long way in preventing energy wastage and even helps you save money.

It comes in three adjustable height variations in order to accommodate different chick heights underneath it. The indicator light that blinks up when the appliance is switched on ensures that you are unlikely to mistakenly leave it off and consequently cause any unintentional harm to your chicks.

The Brinsea EcoGlow also comes with an extended cord that gives it a longer reach and lends you greater maneuverability in terms of positioning the heater. These dimensions are measured at 12x8x8 inches allowing it to accommodate up to 20 chickens at a time. Some of its best features, as well as it disadvantages, are listed in the following section.


  • Provides efficient heating
  • Low energy consumption
  • Drastically reduces fire risks


  • The legs feel wobbly
  • May not be able to fit 20 chicks as claimed
  • Price may be high

2. Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts

Last update on 2024-07-20

This chicken coop warmer from Cozy Products is the perfect winter accessory for your farm animals. This appliance too is extremely energy efficient and consumes only about 200 Watts of electricity, unlike most regular space heaters that can use up to 2500 watts. It combines radiant as well as convection heating to produce the best warming effect for your chicks.

The radiant heating technology that Cozy products use ensures that it transfers heat from one body to another as long as they are in close proximity to the heater. It does not warm the entire room but any chicken that needs the warmth can just position itself close to the heater panel. It comes in a single size and can be fitted against the bottom of the wall anywhere in the room for your animals to basking in its heat.

The lack of conventional bulbs or lamps to replace not only makes its use hassle-free but also reduces the risk of any untoward injuries caused by fires or chicks flying into heated lamps. This heating pad also guarantees that it is safer than electrical brooder lamps. A few of its important features are as follows:

  • Maintains an operational heated temperature of 130 F
  • The product dimensions are at 18.98″ x 12.01” x 0.63″
  • The appliance weighs about 6 lbs

This appliance also comes with a clearly visible on and off button for easy and convenient handling. Furthermore, with its matte black finish, the design of the heating pad is also sleek and stylish. So let us take a look at both its pros and cons to better help you figure if this is the right cozy coop heater for you.


  • It is pretty energy efficient
  • The heater works quietly and causes no noisy disturbances
  • The heater is sturdy and gives good value for its cost


  • The heater panel gets too hot to touch and can burn the chicken
  • The surrounding space that gets heated may be too small necessitating the chicken getting too close and getting burned
  • Sometimes the varying heat settings may stop working

3. K&H Pet Products ThermoPerch for Chicken

Last update on 2024-07-20

This thermostatically controlled heated perch from K&H Pet Products is perfect for warming up cold or frozen chicken feet. After this heated perch gets the toes and the feet of chicks all warm and cozy, it takes little time for the rest of the body to follow suit. The warming effect is created on perched chicks by having their own circulatory system spread the heat from the feet to the rest of their bodies.

This appliance is available in different sizes and you can opt for either depending upon how many chicks you need this perch for. These sizes include a small 26 inches long perch and a larger 36 inches long perch. It has undergone rigorous testing in MET laboratories across the US in order to ensure compliance with safety standards.


  • The birds love the heat produced by this appliance
  • Perfectly safe to the touch
  • Availability of more than one size allows you more variety in choice


  • Birds may wish to perch higher up than the 6-inch height this appliance allows
  • The legs of the perch may be wobbly
  • In some instances, the appliance may turn off overnight causing frostbite to perched chicks

4. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Peep Heated Pad

Last update on 2024-07-20

This heating pad is another quality offering from K&H Pet Products. It is extremely energy efficient with low consumption of about 40 watts. This ensures that the product is both environmentally friendly as well as cheap in your pockets. Unlike regular heating lamps which consume anywhere between 400-2000 watts, this heating pad is unlikely to rack up high electricity bills.

This heating pad can be installed both indoors and outdoors in a vehicle or horizontal position allowing a lot of flexibility in usage. The design is sleet and the material is resistant to being pecked and chewed through. The heating mechanism is controlled by an internal thermostat which works perfectly fine in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Works for a long-lasting period
  • The heating works for all types of domestic and farm animals
  • It is a very safe alternative to regular fire lamps


  • If the heating is left on for too long it can burn animals on contact
  • It comes with two prongs and cannot be facility grounded
  • Sometimes heats up to a high temperature in too short a time

5. SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater for Chicks & Pets

Last update on 2024-07-20

This chicken coop heater flat panel uses infrared heating to warm up your pets. It is capable of transmitting heat in an area as large as 330 square feet. This appliance poses no fire or other safety hazards and is a completely safe option for your chicken coop. Compared to regular fire or lamp heaters is also energy efficient, consuming only about 100 watts of energy.

The makers also guarantee that this heater generates a uniform heating effect and no concentrated and overheated spots. It also comes with a mounting system for overhead suspension complete with attached hooks and chains. This combined with the three-year warranty the makers offer ensures that the product is an excellent investment for the winters.


  • No potential fire hazards
  • Energy-efficient and easy on the pockets
  • Lack of any indicator lights ensure that animals can sleep without being distracted


  • Chicken may use it as a perch instead and make a mess on the heater
  • Does not heat the entire room


Thus, it is evident from this article that there are a great many options available to you when it comes to chicken coop heaters for the coming winter. Each of the five listed products offers varying advantages that may suit the particular needs of different people. So it is imperative that you do thorough research before settling on the one to buy. We wish you happy holidays and hope that our review has been helpful to you.

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