If you have livestock or are simply a rodeo enthusiast, then you may already be familiar with lassoes. To help you pass on this rich tradition to your children, we look at the best lasso rope for beginners.

Rodeo started with reining in cattle and horses on a farm and grew exponentially into a popular sport. This sport tests one’s skills as well as ability to take control of unruly livestock in the popular sport. Though Rodeo was once a means of survival, it has now become a highly lucrative sport that attracts children and adults alike.

The gear that is involved in this sport, for the most part, hasn’t changed even though a lot of manufacturers have entered the industry. Rodeos who stick with the sport can increase their skills to such a level that they even get paid decent paychecks for their acrobatic taming of the beasts. Even though a lot of people may not want to be associated with the sport, the sight of a professional using a lasso is worth beholding.

In this article, we review various roping ropes for beginners that people of all ages can utilize. As a beginner, you need to have the best rope so that your technique doesn’t suffer and you learn quickly.

7 Best Rated Lasso Ropes for Beginners

Last update on 2024-07-19

1. AJ Tack Junior Steer Head Dummy Set

AJ Tack Junior Steer Head Dummy Set Twisted White
408 Reviews
AJ Tack Junior Steer Head Dummy Set Twisted White
  • Steer Head Color: Black
  • Rope Color: White
  • Steer head color black, rope color white

Last update on 2024-07-19

For beginners, things couldn’t get any easier to learn with this rope set by AJ Tack. The company has been in the business since 2002 and has made a big name in the manufacturing of equine products and rodeo supplies.

This braided lasso is constructed of poly-nylon and is 20 feet long, which is long enough for beginner training. This lasso for kids is hand waxed and has a leather burner at its ends. All the things that a kid would require to flame their curiosity are bundled in this set.

Additionally, customers also receive a dummy steer head that is constructed with heavy-duty polyethylene. Two 7” steel rods are also provided to secure the dummy head to a hay bale. This allows children to fully practice their lasso skills. Moreover, this rope set is great for a birthday or Christmas present.


  • Braided multi-colored lasso
  • Hand-waxed
  • Leather Burner on the end
  • long


  • The material is a bit cheap

2. Just Jump It L’il Lariats

Just Jump It Lil Lariat- Junior Lasso- pre-tied-20',...
  • COWPOKES OF ANY AGE: can master the art of the lasso with our junior-sized Lariat. Don’t let the colorful sheath fool you, this pre-tied lariat is made with the correct stiffness and is the real McCoy
  • DEVELOPS SKILL, AGILITY, COORDINATION: Throwing a lariat takes practice. Hand-eye coordination, aiming, improved confidence and exercise can be improved with this neat toy. Lone Ranger would approve!
  • WEIGHT AND LENGTH MAKE LEARNING EASY Designed for kids as young as six, this isn't your daddy's lariat. Simple to maneuver and good stiffness, weight and length make success easier for little cowpokes to learn
  • SAFE MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Made from 20 feet of 5/16-"polypropylene blend rope, our toys are all modernized versions of classics, with better safety and functionality.
  • SAFETY FIRST Partner: Our Lariats are designed to be used on inanimate objects only. Using a Lariat to lasso people or animals can result in severe injury or even death. Children must be supervised

Last update on 2024-07-19

Next up, we have a product by Just Jump It that caters to beginners and children. With this lariat, beginners can easily learn to master lasso skills and get better with time and practice.

This lasso is pre-tied and has the correct stiffness to give beginners the proper feel required for coordination and skill development. This toy ensures that children can learn the essential exercises necessary for improvement.

Children who are as young as six years old can use kid lasso ropes, such as this one. Its weight and length are ideal for use by children, which makes it easy for them to maneuver and learn through play. The construction of the lasso is done keeping in mind the safety of children. This 20ft. lasso is made from polypropylene blend and is a modernized form of classic products with particular emphasis on functionality.

The lasso is designed for use on only inanimate objects and it shouldn’t be used on people or livestock as it can result in injury. It is important that parents supervise the use of the lasso by children to prevent any mishaps.


  • Length and weight are ideal for children
  • Ideal stiffness
  • Has better safety and functionality
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Must not be used on livestock

3. AJ Tack Wholesale Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope

AJ Tack Waxed Nylon Kid Rope White
  • Twisted nylon lariat rope for little cowboys rodeo roping practic or just for fun
  • Waxed medium lay
  • Hand sewn leather burner
  • Size: 20' long x 5⁄16 " diameter
  • Made in USA

Last update on 2024-07-19

Here we have another product by AJ Tack Wholesale. Being one of the pioneers of manufacturing Rodeo products and supplies, the company has multiple high-quality products that are hard to beat. This is easily the best lasso rope for beginners and for good reasons.

AJ Tack lariat rope is made from twisted nylon and is ideal for young cowboys who like to practice their lasso skills or simply want to have some fun. There is a leather burner that is sewn by hand, which ensures that the rope doesn’t come apart after heavy use. Its length of 20ft. is ideal for kids who want to get a firm grip on their coordination.

This lasso rope can even be used for rope tricks by children and is a fun little toy for the family. Its waxed medium lay makes it quite sturdy and gives an authentic feel to the user. Moreover, it is quite light and can be easily picked up by kids as young as six years old.


  • Nylon construction
  • A leather burner at its end
  • Ideal length and weight
  • Waxed medium lay


  • The construction seems similar to plastic

4. AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso 30 feet

30 Foot Waxed Nylon Medium Lay Rope
  • Adult size twisted nylon lariat ranch rope in natural color. This is all around best ranch rope for the money, great for working cattle or general use around the ranch or house, or to just keep in the truck.
  • Hand sewn leather burner
  • Waxed, medium lay.
  • Size: 30' long x 7⁄16 " diameter
  • Made in USA

Last update on 2024-07-19

Yet again we have a quality product by AJ Tack, though this time it is marketed more towards a mature customer base. It is also Amazon’s Choice, which guarantees a top-notch product.

This lasso roping rope for beginners has a natural peach color and is constructed from twisted nylon. Though it may be too long for children to use comfortably, it is ideal for adults who are starting to learn the lasso ropes. This makes it a great lasso for working with cattle or for general use around the house.

Like most other products, it too has a medium waxed lay and leather burner, which is hand sewn. It is 30 feet long, which distinguishes it from other products by the same company and is directed towards an older audience.


  • 30 feet in length
  • Medium waxed lay
  • Leather burner
  • Nylon construction


  • Can be a little too stiff and thick for beginners

5. Rattler GT4 Team Rope, 30 feet

  • 4 Strand
  • 30
  • 3/8 True
  • Weighted Tip
  • Small Diameter

Last update on 2024-07-19

Another product that can be used by children and adults alike to get a better grasp of their lasso throwing technique comes from Rattler. Though its length may not make it the ideal lasso for kids, it still is quite easy to maneuver by budding rodeos.

The lasso has a lot of bodies, which means that it tends to develop a larger loop that remains open as compared to other lassoes. This four-strand rope is much more durable than conventional three-strand lassoes that are available on the market. Once users break into the rope, it remains that way for long periods, thus making it very comfortable to use for beginners.


  • Has a weighted tip
  • 4-strand rope
  • 30 feet in length
  • Makes larger loops


  • Not ideal for children under the age of 10

6. Western Stage Props Cotton Trick Rope Lasso 15 ft.

Western Stage Props - Cotton Trick Rope Lasso |Cowboy...
  • COWBOY UP - Best lasso for trick roping. Perfect for tricks such as the flat loop, wedding ring, butterfly and more.
  • BUILT TO LAST - 100% Cotton trick rope and/or lariat that ensures the ideal weight and stiffness required for trick roping and should last you for years to come. This is a great and useful rope to start practicing with, or to add to your rope collection.
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED - Lightweight and easy to throw. A simple taped hondo provides a streamlined and aerodynamic profile. The Samson 100% Cotton Cord has been the standard rope for trick ropers across the globe.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE FOR ALL AGES - Perfect children and adults age 10 and up. Used by Western performers for over a century. Our ropes are made in the USA and assembled in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • ACCURATE LENGTH AND WIDTH - 15' long and 3/8" diameter. High quality rope perfect for learning as well as for use by experience ropers.

Last update on 2024-07-19

If you’re looking for kid lasso ropes, then you can never go wrong with this product by Western Stage Props. It is designed especially for children aged 10 and above to flame their curiosity and make them interested in Rodeo.

The rope measures a mere 15 feet, which is ideal for children who have trouble handling anything longer. This allows them to get better control over their spinning and throwing technique. Furthermore, it can also be used to perform various rope tricks. Its cotton construction results in a better grip and coordination.


  • Cotton construction
  • Ideal for tricks
  • 15-feet long


  • Not very durable

7. M-Royal 20 Foot White Soft Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat with Burner

M-Royal 20 Foot White Soft Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat with...
248 Reviews
M-Royal 20 Foot White Soft Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat with...
  • Little 20 Foot Rodeo Kids Lariat Rope
  • Braided rodeo lasso with burner
  • 20 feet X 5/16 inch Lasso Rope
  • Hand sewn leather burner
  • Lil Rope that every kid needs to learn to rope

Last update on 2024-07-19

Last but not least on our list of best lasso ropes for beginners is a visually unique lariat that will get your child excited to learn the Rodeo rope.

This rope’s length of 20-feet is ideal for those who are just starting out and want to practice their technique and upgrade their skills. The lasso is well-braided and has a striking white color to attract a child’s fancy. Its leather burner is hand-sewn and it is quite easy to grip and maneuver.


  • 20-feet in length
  • Ideal for children
  • Braided lasso
  • Leather burner


  • The material can feel a bit cheap


We hope that through this article, you now have sufficient information to choose from the best beginner lasso ropes available on the market. If you want to pass down the art of Rodeo to your little ones, then any of these products will work exceptionally well to get them excited and start with their practice.

These roping ropes for beginners will make an invaluable addition to your children’s play-time and get them learning the ropes of both Rodeo as well as lasso tricks. However, you must ensure to get a lasso whose length is ideal for your child’s age. Moreover, if you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift and want to push your kid to this sport, then there is nothing better than getting them a lasso. As an adult also, you can make use of these lasso ropes if you are a novice in this sport.

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