An organic way to put away all your kitchen and garden scraps is ‘Composting’. Many folks use this technique to make humus rich in nutrients and minerals. It has many benefits and plays an important role to make your home & gardens better.

Different brands offer compost tumblers featuring different specifications and benefits. It makes it difficult plus frustrating for the consumers to get the best tumbler composter. It is easier for consumers to select and purchase a compost type if they are aware of its features, specifications, and benefits. One way to learn about a product is to read our compost tumbler reviews and check their ratings.

7 Best Rated Compost Tumblers

Compost Tumbler – A Better Alternative for Composting

Compost can be produced via various techniques one of the ways to produce nutrients enriched compost at home is Compost Tumbler. This method is different and distinct from other traditional compost techniques. The compost tumblers decompose dried leaves and vegetable peels; for this type of composters identifying features are rotating and spin principle.

Spinning Composters are used to produce compost on a small scale. Tumbler composters are more efficient than the simple compost bins or traditional composting methods. The design/shape of compost tumblers is identical to a fair ticket spinner. The material is insulated to maintain a high temperature. The high temperature is good for efficient and fast compost production. To mix the compost material thoroughly shovel or manual mixing is not required. Compost mixing can be done via turning and rotating spinners.

Some Features & Advantages of Compost Tumbler Spinners

Garden Compost Tumblers have gained a huge popularity in consumer product market. The compost tumblers are recognizable from other methods because they offer consumers a variety of benefits. The benefits and features add value to tumbler composter products.

Some other features and advantages of these composters are listed below:

  • Protection Against Vermin & Pests – there is a risk of compost contamination with pests & vermin. The composters minimize vermin & pest contamination risk.
  • Air Ventilation – air ventilation is essential for rapid & fast decomposing. And composters are designed with ventilation holes.
  • Drainage Holes – drainage holes are added in composter design to ensure a liquid free composting. The presence of holes allows to get rid of any kind of liquid by draining it.
  • Different Shapes, Sizes & designs – rotating tumbling composters are available in different shapes, colors and designs.
  • Quick Breaking of Compostable – high temperature is maintained inside composters, which makes the composting process fast and rapid.
  • Insulation – use of an insulating material in manufacturing keeps the heat inside the tumbler. It contributes to an elevated temperature inside the tumbler.
  • No Need To Dig – compost spinners enable the consumer to mix compost without the need to dig it by hands or shovel.

Things That You Must Consider While Selecting a Backyard Compost Tumbler

You can save yourself from exhaustion and disappointment if you consider some points while selecting the appropriate tumbler for your garden.

  1. Always chose a tumbler composter which is easy to turn or rotate.
  2. If you have any kind of mobility issues or suffering from back problems then you opt to buy a rotating composter that has  a handle.
  3. Always go for a ‘Large & Bigger’ compost tumbler.
  4. Select a composter having a durable and long-lasting material.

The result of above factors is amazing. This way you can save your time and energy. It is also cost effective and saves you from the disappointment to get a wrong product for your garden.

Almost every gardener is using organic home composting to produce humus. And it has increased the demand of compost tumblers. To meet the demand the compost products are manufactured in diverse designs and shapes. It has been made difficult for the consumers to select the right tumbler for backyards. It is recommended to the consumers firstly check the compost tumbler reviews & ratings. The reviews and ratings of a product help the consumer to learn about features, benefits, and disadvantages of a product.

This guide on compost tumbler gives you an overview of what exactly is a product. In this article we gathered the list of most popular products and collected all the pros and cons of each one.

1. Mantis Compact Compost Tumbler CT02001


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 60 Days Risk-Free Trial
  • 88 Gallon Capacity
  • Removable Doors
  • Low Cost per Gallons
  • Rating – 4 stars

Mantis Compact Compost Tumbler has an enclosed composter drum which is designed for fast and quick composting and preventing the pests and vermin to grow in the compost. It is easy to load compost material into the composter drum as well as to empty the container. The compost tumbler drum is also easy to turn even when it is full. The capacity of its drum is 12 cu. Ft. and it can hold around 9.5 bushels or 88 gallons. The height of the drum is 12” above the ground. Mantis CT02001 has drainage vents and a removable door for air ventilation and easy loading and unloading of compost material. These compost tumblers are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a 2-year warranty.


  • Loading and unloading with no need to bend.
  • Free flow of oxygen and escaping of excess moisture.
  • Elimination of odor and prevention from pests and vermin.
  • Volume up to 88 gallons.


  • No tank for compost tea.
  • Warping door and aerator caps.
  • Expensive
  • Rusting of composter body inside and out

2. Dual Body Tumbling Composter by HOTFROG


  • Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic – UV Resistant
  • Total Volume – 37 Gallons / 140 Liter
  • Dual Composting Chambers
  • Aeration Holes
  • Rating – 4.5 stars

The HOTFROG’s Dual Body Tumbling Composters is an organic gardening composting tool which is a hybrid of HOTFROG and also is one of the best in this product range. This tumbling composter contains two separate composting chambers, one side to fill in and the other side for curing the compost. This dual compost tumbler is UV resistant because it is constructed from ‘UV Resistant Rotationally Molded Polyethylene’. The composer also features a galvanized steel frame which is corrosion resistant as it is coated with powdered paint. The capacity of both of its chambers is approximately 5 cu. Ft. or 37 Gallons. It renders the need for manual mixing and digging. You need to turn it 5-6 times every 2-3 weeks. It is the best tumbler composter for beginners because it is easy to use. The aeration holes in composter allow greater mixing of oxygen.


  • Corrosion and UV resistant.
  • Durable construction.
  • No need for manual digging and mixing.
  • Large openings & removable doors.


  • Goo Leakage & stinking.
  • Gumming up of paint.
  • Paint Coatings scrap off.
  • Requires water in large quantity.

3. Lifetime 60028 Compost Tumbler


  • Constructed of Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.
  • Capacity – 65 gallons / 8.7 cubic feet.
  • Internal Bar
  • Central Axis – Easy Rotation
  • Ratings – 3.6 Stars

The ‘Lifetime 60028 Compost Tumbler’ is a composting tumbler designed with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and it has a powder-coated steel stand which keeps it above the ground surface and provides resistance against rusting. The composter is available in black color only. The total volume of the lifetime composter is around 65 gallons. The tumbler composting chamber is made up of ‘Double walled/layered panels’ to absorb more heat and retaining this heat inside the composting chamber which speeds up rotting and decomposing process. The compost tumbler has a unique design as it features an internal bar which aids the mixing of compost as well as allows oxygen to flow inside out the composter chamber. The steel frame not only provides balance but also makes it easy for the consumer to rotate or turn the tumbler chamber around the axis.


  • A capacity of 65 gallons.
  • Internal Bar.
  • Balanced rotation.
  • High-density plastic.
  • Double walled panels.


  • Requires greater strength and energy to tumble the compost.
  • Assembly of parts requires 2 man assistance.
  • No pre-drilled holes to assemble the parts.
  • The compost remains wet and hence the risk of pests, maggots or bugs.

4. ENVIROCYCLE Tumbler Composter


  • No need to assemble
  • Composting bin & compost tea maker
  • Available in 2 sizes – 17 US Gallons & 35 US Gallons
  • Rating – 4.5 stars

One of the most beautiful tumbling composters is the ‘ENVIROCYCLE’ tumbling composter which is manufactured in the USA. The design of this tumbling composter is simple and there is no need to assemble any part as it features a single composting tumbler bin along with a compost tea maker to produce both solid and liquid compost. The ENVIROCYCLE composter is safe and easy to use and it is made up of UV and antioxidant protected material hence free from rust as well as BPA. This composting tumbler is best suited for those gardeners who are new to composting because it does not require to assemble any parts and hence easy to use. The capacity of the ENVIROCYCLE composter 17 and 37 Gallons.


  • Rust & BPA free.
  • Assembly free.
  • Compost Tea Maker
  • Produces solid & liquid compost


  • No Handle/leverage.
  • No Stand.
  • Too heavy to turn the drum.
  • Single chamber of ENVIROCYCLE is not efficient.

5. Good Ideas CW – 2X Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler

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  • Manufactured with FDA approved materials.
  • Available in two different sizes – 7 & 11 cubic feet.
  • Dimensions – 31.5 Inches x 25 Inches x 24 Inches (LxWxH)
  • Fully Assembled
  • Low maintenance

The ‘Good Ideas CW – 2X Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler’ is a dual composter tumbler which is manufactured with 100% recycled material and consequently it is free from BPA, which makes this tumbler composter safe for your children and pets. The tumbler composting chambers vary in sizes and are available in 2 different sizes, one of them is outdoor composter, that is 7 cubic feet each chamber and a total capacity of around 3.5 cubic foot per chamber. This tumbler comes with a ‘compost tea collecting base’ having a capacity around 5 gallons as well as twisting lids of around 8 inches to secure the composting chambers. There is no need to assemble any parts or pre-drill any holes. Another feature of this compost tumbler design is that it requires very low maintenance making it cost effective.


  • BPA free material.
  • Fully assembled & low maintenance.
  • Compost tea collecting base with wheels.


  • Wet compost producing odor
  • Leaking of the stinky and slimy mess.
  • Difficult composter turning.
  • Slow composting.

6. JORAFORM Compost Tumbler JK 125


  • Dual Composting chambers
  • Unique Insulation – temperature raised above 160 degrees
  • Capacity – 21 gallons per week
  • Volume – 106 gallons

The ‘JORAFORM’ Compost tumbler JK 125’ has a very unique and attractive design and comes under the type of ‘insulated compost tumbler’ manufactured from galvanized steel and constructed for easy rotation and spinning. The design of this chamber is similar to the dual composter tumblers which means that this composting tumbler is also divided into two different chambers for efficient mixing and decomposing of compost. Both of the composting chambers contain separate handles so that the consumer can easily turn the chambers with less effort and strength. As this composter is insulated therefore it captures the heat inside the composting chambers and retains the heat to raise the temperature. The temperature inside the composting chambers of this rotating chamber could be raised up to 1600F, and as a result it is not only speeds up the composting process but also makes it efficient. Keep in mind the fact that this composter has a stand which holds the composting chambers above the ground ensuring inaccessibility to rodents and pets.


  • Volume up to 106 gallons.
  • Temperature above 160 degrees.
  • No or little odor.
  • Easy to fill, empty and rotate.
  • Composting is feasible in winters too.


  • Low-quality screws.
  • Requires 2 men to assemble the composting tool.
  • Susceptible to rust.

7. YIMBY Tumbler Composter


  • 2 composting chambers
  • UV inhibited polypropylene recycled plastic
  • Capacity – 3 gallons

The YIMBY Tumbler Composter is a dual composter tumbler being manufactured with two separate composting chambers, making the composting process better and efficient. The composter is manufactured in black color and features a stand to support and balance the chambers during the rotation or turning. The design of this composter is very simple and it makes mixing as well as digging quiet easy for the consumers, therefore, this composter tumbler is the best suited for the beginners. All you need to do is to fill the chambers, close the doors and turn it 5-6 times every 2-3 days. The composter is very efficient in hot sunny days that it can produce compost within 2 weeks. The total capacity of both composting chambers is around 3 gallons or 5 cubic feet, producing a healthy and nutrients enriched compost. The material used for its construction is galvanized steel and BPA free UV inhibited recycled Polypropylene, so it is corrosion free and safe to use.


  • Excellent Aeration
  • BPA Free
  • Dual Composting Chambers
  • Easy to use.


  • No liquid drainage.
  • Produces pungent odor.
  • Handles filled up with water.
  • Small for composting.


Home composting has many benefits. Its list of benefits includes environment friendly nature, organic and nutrient-enriched compost production. These reasons are attrective for many gardeners and encourage them to start composting. But the above discussion reveals that traditional methods of compost production are not very efficient and prone to vermin & pests. It is also very difficult to extract compost tea via traditional techniques.

The outdoors composter tumblers are designed & manufactured to make composting easy for people. These garden tools are key elements to make your garden a better place and green. These tools offer numerous benefits and are distinguished from other tools and methods.

Traditional methods for composting fail to ensure a vermin or pest-free compost production. Plus the final compost also gets contaminated from a slimy green liquid produced from the ‘Green’ ingredients. On the other hand, compost tumblers are manufactured to resolve these issues. The steel frames are added to the designs in order to protect the composter from rodents and pets. The ventilation system in compost structure design prevents the production of pests & vermin. Special structures are designed to make and extract compost tea.

In other words, these compost tumblers are home for your kitchen scraps and dried garden leaves, and lifesavers for your garden. The humus produced from these tumblers is odor-free and rich in nutrients.

It is not wrong to say that compost tumblers are effective and beneficial for every garden and backyard. Many sophisticated designs and models are available in the market. The final word on compost tumblers is that this product has amazing composting results. The final compost out of these tumblers is free and perfect for your garden soil so it is worthy to give it a try worth giving a try.

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