Whether you’re just getting started as a diary farmer or you’ve been homesteading for years, you’ll always be faced with the task of milk production, but you’ve never used an electric milking machine before and you have no idea on how it works.

Electric goat milking machine has a built-in vacuum pump that will make the suction for you, so it will be more comfortable, faster and less tired. With this, you will not need to manually extract the milk, but all the extraction work will be done by the device for you. Thus, this unit will become your best friends when it comes to producing milk for your needs.

Best Rated 5 Milking Machines For Goats

Last update on 2022-05-19

1. Goat Milking Machine

Last update on 2022-05-19

Goat Milking Machine is designed to make the extraction process quick and easy, thanks to its adjustable vacuum pump to make milk flow continuously and comfortably. This device ergonomic shape allows it to easily adapt to different type of cow breast without hindering or causing discomfort during extraction.

Its adjustable vacuum pump allows you to monitor the extraction process and also regulate the suction. With a weight of 2.31 pounds and a dimension of 11.22 x 8.03 x 6.77 inches, this electric goat milker is light in weight, comfortable to use and transport.

As of the design, this item is user friendly and can be used by anyone with little to no technical experience. When you’re done with milk extraction, you’ll find this unit easy to clean. To do this, just disassembled the machine and wash the hose, teat cups and bucket with a dishwasher and clean with a dry cloth.


  • Quick and easy to extract milk
  • Easy to set up and comfortable to use
  • Well designed, lightweight and easy to move around
  • Beginner friendly and safe to use


  • The adjustable vacuum pump is a bit difficult to operate
  • Cleaning is a bit stressful

2. Happybuy Electric Milking Machine – Best for Heavy Duty Work

Last update on 2022-05-19

Happybuy is a heavy duty electric milking machine engineered to adapt to both cow or goat udder with comfort and efficiently extract milk from them. The device delivers great performance by gently extracting clean and high-quality milk from about 12 cows in an hour.

This is possible, thanks to its 4 heavy-duty caster wheels that makes it easy to move around, thereby saving time and labor without hindering the milk quality. Also, this machine will last you for a long time and you’ll find it easy to operate and maintain.

With this, you’ll be able to get high-quality and hygienic diary milk for your needs. Also, its suction is gentle and strong enough to extract milk from the udder plus it is safe and injury free to use. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your animal feeling uncomfortable.


  • Heavy duty and highly versatile
  • Speed of extraction and comfortable
  • Stress free and easy to move around
  • Time saving and easy to operate


  • Instruction manual is not well explained
  • Many parts to be cleaned

3. Hantop Cow Goat Milking Machine

Last update on 2022-05-19

The Hantop Cow Goat Milking Machine is set up on the milking stand and installed with the required milker bottle apparatus. The machine provides pulsating vacuum suction, which promotes more milk production by massaging teats to prevent damage or pain that would be caused by continual vacuum. You can also manually use it as a hand pump. A new improvement is the reinforcement of pulsation system for preventing your cow’s liner from collapsing on top of its lining, this will make open air space between, protect sensitive membrane and help improve blood circulation in bottom part of cow’s udder to better produce milk without damaging its line or pulling back off during operation!


  • Well designed, and light in weight
  • Made with safe and non-toxic material
  • Easy to assemble, and comfortable to operate


  • Doesn’t come with a digital display
  • Has one milk collector

4. Hantop 6L Goat Milking Machine

Last update on 2022-05-19

This model is designed to stimulate the udder and then extract or suck out the milk by using its different levels of vacuum pump to aid the increase of milk production. Since this device has a portable and compact design making it a practical tool, you’ll be able to carry anywhere and use both on the road and at home.

With this item, you’ll have to choose between different vacuum pumps to be able to stimulate the natural rhythm at which the milk flows. Also, the vacuum levels can also be regulated so that the cows can feel much more comfortable during the extraction process.

It is the ideal milking machine if you’re looking for quick result without wasting much of your time. It operates quietly, easy to set up and operate. And besides, if you plan on using it occasionally so as to ensure your diary feels comfortable, do not hesitate in buying this reliable milking machine.


  • Feature several versatile pumps
  • Has a compact design and portable
  • Quick and deliver efficient result
  • Suitable for home and farm use


  • Not suitable for frequent use
  • Will keep both your hands occupied

5. Electric pulsation Milking Machine – Best Reliable Option for Frequent Use

Last update on 2022-05-19

Manufactured by Futt for easier and quick extraction of diary milk without causing the animal to be in pain. The electric machine cup is made with an environmental friendly, tasteless and non-toxic material that won’t cause degradedness in the quality of the extracted diary milk.

This device features an automatic goat milking machine vacuum pump that will work for 24 hours nonstop. And it has a soft and warm cushion to offer a massaging effect on animals so as to pump out milk from them under a comfortable condition. It is very easy to handle, set up for use and of course to clean after draining of milk.

This very unique pump will easily adapts to different types of animal breast plus it also stay fixed so well that you’ll be able to perform other tasks while the milk is being extracted. In addition, it promotes long term milk production.


  • Feature a high-powered vacuum for frequent extraction
  • Has a strong suction and delivers high-quality milk
  • Versatile and suitable for cows, sheep and goats
  • Safe and feels comfortable on animals


  • The pump is sensitive to dust
  • There are more parts to be cleaned

How to Choose the Best Goat Milking Machine

To choose the most appropriate goat milker, it is important to assess different aspects such as the frequency or quantity of milk that you will need, below are what to look for when buying the best goat milking machine.

Frequency of use: if you intend to extract the milk occasionally or want to store a large amount of milk.

Place of use: it will depend on whether you wish to carry the device with you on trips or if, on the contrary, its use is limited to the home.

Suction intensity: We recommend that the electric goat milker be adjustable in suction power so as to adapt the extraction speed to your liking and with total control. More power will be faster, while low power may not suck well or be too slow.

Comfort and Adaptability: If what you need is the continuous use of the extractor, we believe a model with a stimulation or massage option is essential since those that include this option suck the milk in less time. This will make the extractions more pleasant and comfortable.

Material: The materials (silicone teat is highly preferred) with which the goat milker is manufactured are also very important because it depends on this that the suction is smooth and painless. On the other hand, the cups they include have to be ergonomic to fit tightly to the chest and avoid leaks.

Simple design: Easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and sterilize. Have it in mind that you’re going to use it every day! The lesser the pieces, the simpler it is to assemble and clean, you will be able to save more time and spend it on other valuable things.

Availability of spare parts: Make sure that, if any component is damaged, it will be easy to replace.

Noise level: To optimize your comfort and tranquility during the extraction of milk, it is important that the pulsating goat milking machine makes the least possible noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I preserve goat milk?

The best way to preserve your goat milk is storing it in a plastic container and then freeze it. The bags are preferred over bottles because after freezing, you have the liberty to mold them to different form of your choice. Also, the milk nutrients can be preserved by turning them into cheese.

How does a goat milking machine works?

As its name implies, this device uses a vacuum pump to automatically drain out milk from your goat with ease. Through this, the milk flows out of the udder, the teat cup catches the milk and passes it into the collection container of the pump. This way, the animal feels no pain and there’s no degradedness in the milk quality.

As a rule, the goat milker is convenient to use. While you extract the milk manually with your hand, the electric goat milking machine will do the job for you. With the majority of these machines available on the market, you can adjust the suction levels to make pumping as comfortable as possible for you.

When do you pump with an electric milking machine?

When you prefer to drain the milk in advance or you want to increase your total milk production.

How often should I clean the milking machine?

The electric milking machine should be thoroughly washed after use. You can do this by disassembling the device into its individual parts, in order to be able to thoroughly clean them, then wash the parts with detergent and water.

It is also necessary to sterilize the parts (except the hose, and the main plug) after each use. Alternatively, you can always boil the parts as well. The cleaning is important for hygienic reasons.


Now that you’re familiar with an electric goat milking machine, its function and how to use it correctly, you have to make the final decision which is which electric goat milker to buy. We hope these tips helped you choose the best machine for extracting goat milk.

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