Goats are notoriously curious animals. If you have goats, you are aware that they are perhaps the most challenging livestock to contain. They will regularly push against fences, chew, and squeeze through fence wires or try to jump over them. Moreover, there are certain species of goats that have thick coats, which insulates them from electric shock.

Having to constantly chase goats back into the pasture can be very frustrating. For this reason, it is essential to put fences when raising goats and the best fence for goats is an electric fence.

Top Rated 5 Electric Fences for Goats – Editor’s Choice!

Last update on 2024-06-16

4 Types of Electric Fence for Goats

Do not worry, for electric fences do not cause harm to your livestock. When they get zapped by the wires, it will sting a bit at first but won’t be dangerous to them, even to young ones. At most, it will only take a couple of zaps to train them to stay away from the fences. That being said, here are the different types of fences for goats.

4-5 Strand Electric Fencing

One of the best goat fencing solutions is the traditional 4-5 strand electric fence. They are perfect for keeping cows, goats, and horses contained in a large pasture. These are also quite inexpensive and easy to install. Inquisitive by nature, goats are bound to test the fencing by pushing against it. However, once they get zapped, the resultant mental barrier will keep them from trying again.

Most goats won’t pass the psychological barrier, but they will know if the electric fence is down. Therefore, it is important that you keep debris away and trim nearby trees from time to time in order to keep the fence working.

Square Wire Fencing

The best thing about this type of fence is that it is strong enough for goats to push against and lean on. Of course, you need to make sure that you pulled it tight enough when putting it up. Most adult goats won’t be able to stick their heads through the wire and the younger ones will get their heads stuck if they tried.

It is advisable to keep the fence at least 4-feet high. If you feel this is not high enough, this too can be rectified by placing additional strands of electric wire above the fence.

Woven Field Fencing

There are some problems associated with this type of fence. Though it is woven and quite durable, it is quite thin and may not be strong enough for the goats to lean on. The holes tend to be larger and goats can get their heads stuck in them. Field fence is definitely not the best goat fence out there. But since it is inexpensive, and if the cost is an issue, it is a viable alternative.

Cattle Panels

This fence is quite durable and strong and comes in 16-feet sections. Although it would be quite expensive to fence a large pasture with them, they are great for small yards and pastures. Cattle panels have large gaps that can see goats getting stuck in them.

5 Best-Selling Electric Fences for Goats

Now that you know of the different types of goat fencing solutions, let’s take a look at the top goat fences on Amazon.

1. Starkline Electric Goat Net Fence

Last update on 2024-06-16

One of the most popular fences in the market is this Starkline electric fence. There are various reasons for it. For starters, it is very easy to install and takes approximately 15 minutes to do so. The whole package contains a complete roll with rigid fiberglass posts for easy installation.

After a couple of shocks, the goats will learn to stay in the area where they are supposed to. The strings are placed perfectly to ensure that the animals stay in and the intruders out, even when there is no electrification.


  • Easy to set up
  • Amazing conductivity
  • Keeps foxes, bears, coyotes, and dogs at bay
  • Quality conductors


  • Energizer is not included
  • Poles do not work well in hard ground

2. VEVOR Electric Fence Netting

Last update on 2024-06-16

Another well-known electric fence for goats is provided by the VEVOR fencing company. You have the option of connecting multiple rolls by connecting the metal clips at the ends of each fence, thereby fencing a large pasture land. It is easily set up and even a child can install the fence in less than a couple of hours.

Fiberglass posts are built into the PE and stainless steel mesh wire every 12.5-13.1 ft to provide solid support. The quality of the overall design is worth mentioning. The spaces between the strings shrink nearer to the ground to prevent small predators and pests from coming in.


  • Great overall design
  • Used to keep sheep, guard dogs, pigs and goats inside
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Easy to install


  • Does not include Energizer
  • Routine maintenance required to minimize grass/weed load
  • Electric conductivity difficult with low soil moisture

3. Premier PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit

Last update on 2024-06-16

All of your fencing needs are provided in this neat and convenient package. With this product, you can put up temporary goat fencing in the backyard or on the pasture with ease. Its overall design is simply great since the horizontal and vertical strands at the bottom are close together that prevents small pests and predators from intruding. Although it is designed chiefly for poultry, it works well as a movable goat fence as well.

The electric net is double spiked and comes with FiberTuff support posts. Unlike other electric fences, this product comes with its own fence energizer, so you don’t have to make any extra purchase. Additionally, a 2-year warranty is provided for energizers and solar panels that cover lightning damage.


  • Great overall design
  • Portable
  • Contains support posts
  • Contains energizer
  • 2 year warranty
  • Used to keep in pigs, chicken, ducks, as well as sheep and goats


  • Flood damage not covered under warranty
  • Extra posts required to prevent sagging

4. Farmily Portable Electric Fencing Net for Sheep and Goat

Last update on 2024-06-16

The only product on our list that is not a Premier is this popular Farmily product that has been used by thousands of people for their pastures. This highly-rated portable electric goat netting solution is easy to install. It effectively contains goats and guard dogs and keeps predators at bay. The galvanized junction clips can be used to connect the ends of horizontal strands to create a bigger fence.

14 fiberglass posts are provided to keep the fence tight. The steel spikes on the poles are durable enough to withstand occasional hits by stray dogs. The fence can be moved easily and is perfect for a mobile pasture system on flat terrain. All you need to do is to roll it up from one end with the poles in place and roll it back in the new location. The whole ordeal takes less than half an hour. A repair kit is also available lest something should go wrong.


  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Used to contain guard dogs, sheep, goats.


  • Energizer not included
  • Additional stakes required between posts
  • Corner poles are flimsy

5. Premier Enhanced Electric Sheep & Goat Net Fence

Last update on 2024-06-16

Last, but not least, on our list is another entry by Premier. As is the case with most Premier fencing products, this electric fence can be installed with relative ease, in approximately 15 minutes. At every 10-interval a PVC post is fitted to the net that keeps the fence tight and durable. Multiple rolls of the net can be clipped together by power clips at the end of the net to create a larger fence.

Approximately .25 joules of energizer is required per roll of fence for it to be effective enough to keep the livestock inside and the predators out. The fence can easily contain goats, sheep, guard dogs, and cattle. Note that it is not designed to be used with poultry as the mesh openings at the bottom are too wide to contain them. When properly energized, it can effectively deter coyotes, stray dogs, bears, and foxes.


  • Can be installed with ease.
  • Works well to contain sheep, goats, guard dogs, and cattle.
  • Conducts electricity well.
  • Easy to re-wire and repair
  • Good customer service and return policy


  • Does not work well on dry and hard hillsides with lots of grass and weeds.
  • Energizer is not provided.
  • The posts are too flexible and bend easily.

Electric Fence for Goats – Buyer’s Guide

Other than setting up fences for full pastures, electric fences can be used to contain your livestock in other ways as well. When it comes to rotational grazing, setting up electric fences is the best option for dividing pastures. They are easily set up and can be used to divide a large pasture into smaller ones.

If you are using a manually woven wire fence, using a single strand of electric wire on top of the physical fence can work wonders. Additionally, it is an easy way to curtail stubborn goats that regularly climb or jump over fences.

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How to Install Electric Fence for Goats

Setting up electric fences for goats

In order to set up your electric fence, you only need the following, which are included in most Premier electric fence products.

  • Posts
  • Fencing wire rolls
  • Post insulators
  • Corner post insulators
  • Energizer
  • Grounding rods

To start setting up your fence, dig in your posts about 10 -15 feet apart. Another plus point of electric fences is that you don’t need as many posts as you would if you were using woven-wire fences. 4-5 strands of electric wire are required upon which insulators will be placed. Once the posts are set up along the perimeter of your pasture, it is time to string the wire.

Ensure that you have your corner insulators handy for this part. Attach the insulator to the starting point and wrap the wire around it. This is to be repeated for every strand of wire. Place the hot wires at every nine inches. Pull the wire tightly when stringing so they don’t sag. At the end of the fence, pull the wire tight and secure it with another insulator.

For installing energizers, follow the instructions that come with the product. Generally, the chargers will be attached to the fence as well as the grounding rods.

Advantages of using Electric Fence for Goats

There are many goat fence ideas that involve using electric fencing. This is because they are way cheaper than woven wire fencing. For large pastures, it is quite cost-effective. Another reason is that an electric fence is easily installed and is quite mobile. Lastly, your goats will respect hot wires. Since they can sense the current they won’t go near them.

Disadvantages of using Electric Fence for Goats

The primary con is that it creates a psychological barrier for goats. This means that stubborn goats will do all that they can to get through the fence, especially during the breeding season. Another problem is that the electric fence can fail. It is possible that the fence can short out due to weeds, debris, and sometimes even bugs.

Lastly, keeping the fence line clean can be a lot of work. It can be quite a hassle to trim the fence line since goats won’t be able to eat along the fence line. Even if you let the weeds and grass grow too high, the fence is bound to get damaged.


Containing goats inside a pasture can be a challenging task. However, with an electric fence, you won’t have to work too much to guard the pasture. Simply ensure that you choose an electric fence that is durable and goat-friendly.

Electric goat fencing will ensure that your livestock stays in while the predators remain outside, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your goats are safe when you are sleeping at night.

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