I bet when you think of a chicken, you don’t think about how it will add to the aesthetics of your farm, do you? Indeed, it’s more common to think of chickens as a source of eggs, meat, or breeding. This form of livestock, or pets if you enjoy the company of the beautiful, fluffy type of fowl, can actually be raised to give a splash of life and color to your farm! Keeping these chickens is also a great way to help the environment and promote the propagation of endangered chicken breeds that are threatened as mainstream farms choose practicality over beauty. Read on as we delve into four of the loveliest ornamental chicken breeds so you can see just how decorative and pleasing to the eye these animals can be!

1. Polish

The Polish chicken has a long, popular history, and it is well-deserved! These gorgeous creatures rein from Poland, where they are prized for the extravagantly fluffy head. They migrated to America through trade in the 1800s, and they are incredibly hard to mistake for any other breed of chicken. They are absolutely the leaders of the ornamental farm chickens. The plume of feathers on their heads distinguishes them, and they are quite beloved! The crest of feathers they possess is large and proud, just like this breed! Show off the uniquity of your farm by choosing this lovely breed! They are oftentimes white in color, but can also be found in speckled browns, black, and cream colors!

Make sure to properly groom this breed so their feathers do not get matted or dirty. They are a gentler breed, so this should not be hard to maintain. They also like living in close quarters. They do, however, have slightly worse eyesight than other breeds. This may be a consideration you should take when choosing your chicken breed.

2. Phoenix

The Phoenix chicken breed is known for its attractive tail feathers. Aside from its eye-catching name, its tail feathers hold the attention of those searching for a great chicken breed to bring a spark of life to their farm. The reason it is called a Phoenix, however, is due to the age of the breed. It is a truly historic breed, first appearing just under one thousand years ago! This type of chicken is also very good for breeding, as Phoenix hens make exceptional mothers.

This breed does require a fair amount of upkeep. Their tail feathers are quite long, so they must be maintained diligently to keep the chicken healthy and in good shape. They also need a lot of space to grow and roam, which is evident from the size of their large tail feathers and enjoyment of mothering large broods. This is among the friendliest breed of chicken, however, so don’t let their high-maintenance deter you if you would like a wonderful pet of a chicken!

3. Cochin

The poofy, adorable Cochin chicken breed is beloved by many English residents and Americans alike, but it was most loved by the royal Queen Victoria of the 1800s. It is not hard to believe, with the breed’s beautiful golden orange colors, along with the soft brown and black varieties. Their gorgeous colors and dense plumage make them beloved by many farm owners, and they could capture your heart as well! They are very docile and grab the attention of many.

4. Sumatra

The Sumatra breed rivals the Polish chicken in terms of popularity. They are like the kings and queens of chickens, while the Polish chicken models a Hollywood star. Sumatra chickens have feathers that resemble a regal robe, flowing down their back and ending in a puffy, gorgeous tail. They also walk with a bit of sass, strutting around with confidence. The most popular coloring for a Sumatra chicken is an elegant black, but they can also be found in blue and white colors.

This breed is great if you want a pop of spunk on the farm! These chickens are absolutely beautiful and bring out the unique personality of the farming environment.


I hope that this detailed list has helped you make your decision for which breed, or breeds, of ornamental chicken would feel right at home on your farm! Cultivate the happiest coop of decorative chickens for your small farm!

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