There are many ways in which people are wasteful, and throwing away food is one of them. Composting is a great recycling method, especially for those who like to grow their own fruits and vegetables, or have many potted ornamental plants.

7 Best Selling Worm Composters

Last update on 2021-11-28

One of the best ways to recycle food is by using earthworms. These are the best worms for composting because as they consume the food scraps, they produce what’s known as worm castings and worm tea. Both the castings and the tea are used on the plants that need nutrients to grow, but usually the tea must be diluted in water in an 1:1 ratio.

The darker the castings are, the better fertiliser, which is the whole purpose of the process. To turn your food leftovers into fertilizer using earthworms, you’ll need a composting bin. These come in many forms, shapes and colors, however not all of them are good for everyone.

Many users think that the best worm composter is one that can be easily manipulated, that has a good airflow, and requires minimum maintenance. For instance, many users like the bins on wheels as these can be effortlessly pushed around to find the best spot. There are many people who prefer a bin with one big chamber instead of one made of stackable trays that can be too heavy for some to operate.

Not everyone cares about the shape of the bin, but the size does matter as some households produce more food waste than others. Additionally, the size of your house should also be taken into consideration, as you’ll have a hard time fitting a big bin in a tiny apartment.

You should be warned that for most bins you have to buy the worms separately. In most cases, 1000 worms are enough to get you started. Giving them larger pieces of food will prompt them to multiply fast. Chopping the food will help them eat it faster, thus you minimize the risk of having a smelly bin. You’ll also have castings faster, if the worms eat faster.

Be warned that kids might really like having a composter to see how recycling works first hand. Since bad odors form mostly when there’s too much food or the wrong type of food ends in there, you can rest assured that your pets will ignore the newcomers.

As the very last tip, the stackable composters are great for beginners and households with very little waste. This is because most people start with just one tray and they add the others as the initial one becomes more and more full. Using one tray can also give you a good idea whether the process will work for you or not, in the long run.

Now, let’s have a look at a selection of the best or most popular bin models for composting.

1. The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Bin

Last update on 2021-11-28

The Worm Factory 360 is the largest home worm composter on the market, featuring 4 trays that can be expanded up to 8. Recycling cardboard, food leftovers and paper is made easier because you feed them all to your worms!

The box features a redesigned lid that can be turned into a stand for the upper trays when time to collect the compost arrives. Speaking of collecting the castings, depending on how many wigglers you have in there and the amount you feed them, you could expect up to monthly harvests. Each tray of this Worm Composter 360 has a capacity of approximately 4 gallons.

The Worm Bin 360 includes a 70 page book instruction manual with the pictures for beginners, as well as a 6″ by 9″ fridge magnet called “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?”. This magnet splits regular foods into sections based on how healthy they are for your worms to eat. You can easily drain the composter thanks to the built in collector tray and spigot.

You can set up the device in only a few minutes, by adding a few worms and kitchen scraps to the bottom tray. As the worms eat and the tray fills, they will move up for another food source and another tray should be added.

The very last tray has a ladder to help any wandering worm to find its way back up. Not many models have this feature, and there is a higher risk of creatures ending up dead when using those.

There aren’t many complaints regarding this product. Those who did complain were just new to composting with worms, or had a poor customer service experience.


  • Comes with manual
  • Spigot on the base
  • Lightweight


  • Bit pricey
  • Poor customer support

2. Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm

Last update on 2021-11-28

The Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm comes with a hefty price tag. However it has a high capacity and wheels. This can only mean two things: you’ll get castings really fast and you’ll easily move the bin around whenever you want. Depending on how many worms you have, you could be processing up to 4 pounds of waste, daily.

The bin is one big container with no trays to shift around. Those who can’t lift heavy items will really like this feature. What’s more is that despite it being one big bin when you throw food waste, you don’t have to turn the contents around: it works similar to the tray models, but with even less work.

Unlike other models, this one has a tapered design. As the worms work their way through the food, their castings are pressed at the bottom. When it’s time to collect, you’ll only gather the castings, as the worms bedding and food are placed higher.

If you want to keep this bin in your backyard, make sure it has plenty of shade as to maintain the ideal temperature for your worms. Be warned that other critters might be attracted to it, but a few sheets of paper right under the lid can discourage their approach.

Thanks to the features mentioned above, many users named this system the best worm farm they tried. They also liked that it comes with a tray to collect the tea. Another feature making this worm farm one of the best on the market is that you can get it together with the worms to get you started with vermicomposting.

The only major letdown of this compost bin is that it has a poor airflow and this can kill your worms. There’s an easy fix to it: making the lid stay just a little bit open.


  • Has wheels
  • Very easy to use
  • No turning needed


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

3. Version 2 Urban Worm Bag

Last update on 2021-11-28

At first sight this composting bin looks like a regular trash bin used by households producing a lot of waste. This is a good thing because you can have more compost as well.

The sack in which you throw the items to compost is made of Cordura Diner, a type of fabric used for high quality backpacks. Since the container is made of fabric, the airflow is improved when comparing this item to other bins.

The top of the sack is a lid that opens and closes with a zipper. One has to unzip the top to add all the things they want to their compost. To remove it, they have to unlock the string at the bottom and then to pull the compost.

One should also keep a bucket under the sack to collect the tea. Some worms might escape through the opening at the bottom since the string doesn’t perfectly close the sack, as it is too thick.

Despite having to buy extra pieces to set this system up, they can be easily found and for really cheap. Putting everything together is also very easy, as some customers discovered.

Many users of this system are impressed by the lack of smells, even when used indoors. This vermicompost bin is one of the best on the market because you don’t have to check on it daily.


  • Lightweight
  • Creates a damp environment
  • Minimal to no odor
  • Easy to maintain


  • Needs assembling
  • Needs a bucket for collecting the castings

4. FCMP Outdoor Living Composter

Last update on 2021-11-28

This composting bin is good for smaller households because of its reduced dimension of only 2 trays and one container for the tea. If you find it too small for your composting needs, you can easily purchase extra trays. Keep in mind that each tray has a capacity of about 3 gallons.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the FCMP earthworm composter is that it has rather tall wooden legs. This is maple hard wood that has been specially treated to last for years to come.

This composter bin is made of UV-inhibited recycled plastic. This means you could leave the bin in a sunny spot of your garden and fear it will degrade faster. The product also has a double layered lid that has an insulating role. Despite these features, it would be better to keep it under the shade as too much heat can kill the worms.

Each tray is surrounded by a channel that has the role of controlling moisture and retain water. This feature ensures the bedding won’t dry around the edges. As a result you can be certain your red wigglers will always have an ideal home.

Like with most bins that have a tray design, this one too has holes at the bottom to allow your worms to migrate upwards when the current one is full. There are 40 angled holes giving the little creatures plenty of opportunities to crawl up.

The FCMP Outdoor has a 360 degrees airflow design achieved through aeration support points. A good airflow is crucial if you don’t want bad odors to form. Additionally, too much moisture in the air is also bad for the worms.

New owners are warned to use a worm barrier as to avoid them nesting at the bottom, in the valve and have it clogged. Dead worms can also clog it, so a screen of sorts is a must to prevent this from happening.


  • Made of UV-inhibited recycled polyethylene
  • BPA free


  • Rather pricey
  • The legs make it difficult to move
  • Pretty heavy on its own

5. VermiHut 5-Tray Recycled Plastic Worm Composter

Last update on 2021-11-28

If you started to repurpose your food scraps, then you must be an eco oriented person. This composting bin is made of recycled high-density plastic. Since it’s made of plastic, users must keep this bin in a shaded place, especially when placed outdoors.

Not keeping this system in a shaded place will raise the temperature inside the bin which not good for your red wigglers. Additionally, bad odors will also appear especially if the food is is big chunks and not chopped down.

This system has a special design with 5 trays that can hold about 1200 worms each. The manufacturer recommends starting off with 1000 earthworms as they multiply fast. If 5 tray system seems a bit much, you can always reduce it to just 3 trays.

Unlike other indoor worm composters this model comes with an organic and compostable coconut fiber mat. This mat should be placed at the top to keep flies away and to control the moisture level in the bin.

It’s very easy to use this bin: once the bottom tray is full with compost, you empty it and place it at the top. Many people worry about the foul odors when they start composting, however when using this product correctly there will be no such problem.

The very bottom of the kit collects the worm tea and has a faucet that is very helpful while draining. If you’re scared that worms will wander into the bottom part, you can add a layer of thin fabric under the last tray.

To add more food scraps all you have to do is to lift the lid. The holes on the lid help with the air flow inside the bin. Be careful though that if the bin smells, other insects might be attracted to it as well. Covering the very top of the contents with some sheets of paper can minimise this risk.


  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Easy to use


  • Rather heavy

6. Exaco 610015 Eco Worm Composter

Last update on 2021-11-28

This is an indoor composting solution with a 3-tray design with a capacity of 8 gallons. Clearly this bin can be considered rather small for some households, so you might want to chop the waste before adding it in. Many users might like its round design as there will be no corners to bump into.

The round shape might make others uncomfortable because it will be more difficult to fit it in a room. This item is perfect for keeping on a balcony or in the garage, though outdoor use is also possible. There hasn’t been any complaint regarding bad smells from those who kept this system indoors.

Those considering this product don’t have to worry about where or how to collect the tea. The system has a reservoir for it as well as a bowl used for draining the reservoir. Users should pay attention to empty the reservoir rather often as its capacity is not that great and the worms could use it to escape.

Unlike other similar products, this one has 6 wheels that ease the moving around process if needed. This is great feature for a wide range of people, especially those with certain health problems. The Exaco Eco Worm Composter is also lighter than other similar models, which is an added plus.

When using this bin, you might wonder where to put the lid. No more wondering, as the lid has a special design that allow you to hang it to the side of the composter’s wall.

If you’re a native English speaker you’ll have to search for the instructions online, as the ones you receive are in French. This can be an issue for those who are new to composting with worms.


  • Has 6 wheels
  • Easy indoor or outdoor use
  • No bad odors


  • Pricier than other models
  • Instructions are not in English

7. VermiHut 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

Last update on 2021-11-28

This compost bin comes with a 3 year warranty which is something many customers like. However, what sets this bin apart from others is its layered design. This special design allows the user to easier take care of the compost, including removing it and adding more food as needed.

In total, there are five easy to assemble trays. They also allow the user to control the amount of compost they create or to see how fast their worms eat. You can also collect the tea with little effort, as it gathers at the bottom.

One great advantage of the 5-tray design is that they facilitate the separation of castings and earthworms. You can stack up to 7 trays, depending on your composting needs.

This unit occupies little space and as such it can be used in small spaces as well. Odor is not an issue because its airflow is optimal. This feature was noticed in many households with pets as well. If you want to further improve airflow, just use more bedding between the trays.

Customers should know that this bin has no transparent parts as the worms thrive in a dark environment. It should be noted that a good worm composting bin will never have windows or transparent parts.

There were many customers complaining about the bottom leaking despite the tray not being full. Poor handling during the shipping process means you could receive a cracked product. The customer service is helpful the company is willing to replace the defective parts, for free.

For some households, this bin might be too small. Owners must pay attention to how much food they put in it to avoid the foul odor. Placing a piece of cloth both at the top and the bottom of the trays prevents the worms from wandering outside their new house.


  • Good air flow
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be used indoors


  • Cracks easily
  • Fills fast
  • Leaking issues


It’s difficult to know what sets apart the various models of composting bins especially if you never saw one before, but hopefully this presentation helped with that. Should you decide to make a lifestyle change and start composting, now you should be equipped with better knowledge than when you started reading.

It’s important to point out that composting can be done either indoors or outdoors, no matter how much space you have at your disposal. All you need is a good container and the right temperature, especially if you want to try the worm farm.

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