Buying a quality tractor for your farm improves work performance. However small your farm is, you might consider buying a tractor to make farming more convenient. They ensure that all your agriculture tasks are complete in less time. Maintaining a tractor should not stress you as you only need to use the necessary attachments. Tractors are readily available, and you have to choose one that meets your demands. Before buying a tractor, it’s essential to consider the work it will perform as there are many types with different functions. The following are the different types of tractors you might want to choose for your farm activities.

Types of Farm Tractors

Garden tractors

These tractors are for heavy-duty works on the farm. They are suitable for furrowing, plowing snow, tilling, and moving heavy card loads. The tractors have wide mower decks that make you mow land within a short time. If you have a hard task on your farm, consider using a garden tractor.


  • Have a high horsepower engine of 20-25.
  • They have hydraulic steering.
  • The tractors are four-wheel-drive hence its versatile.
  • Have the ability to handle many attachments.
  • Detachable mower decks.
  • They have a power take-off system.
  • They use the gasoline engine.

Lawn tractors

As the name suggests, these tractors are ideal in mowing loans and have some limitations in terms of power and use. The tractor is for mowing lawns and not other operations. They are available in a range of sizes depending on the size of your yard. For proper maintenance of your yard, consider using this tractor. It will give you the best mowing experience resulting in a beautiful lawn.


  • The tractors have an engine power of 17-22.
  • Have large diameter wheels to enhance operation.
  • They have wide blades for cutting grass
  • The tractors can use either gasoline or electricity.
  • Lightweight material o facilitate portability.

Compact utility tractors

If you are looking for a tractor for your small farm, then consider this tractor. The tractor is adaptable in all weather seasons hence no worries. However, they are capable of performing more significant tasks on the farm. It is suitable for landscaping, mowing, digging trenches, moving snow, and balling hay. Its construction material is sturdy hence is capable of handling heavy loads.


  • Three-point hitches.
  • The tractor can work with different implements, which include; rear, mid, and front-end simultaneously.
  • Power take-off attachment system.
  • It is compatible with a variety of attachments.
  • Its horsepower engine is 25-65.

Subcompact tractors

These tractors are somehow similar in appearance to garden tractors. However, subcompact tractors are capable of performing hard tasks since their engine power is quite high. The tractors perform multiple functions, including; digging ditches, removing snow, mowing, leveling land, and digging foundations. The tractor is easy to use since it does not require a lot of effort.


  • They operate multiple attachments.
  • They have a tight turning radius making it move around comfortably.
  • Rear power takes off, and a 3-point hitch contributes to its ground speed.
  • The tractors are diesel-powered.
  • The horsepower engine ranges from 20-25.
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