Electric fences are a great way to keep your cattle contained and safe, but if they have the chance of getting out it can be devastating. For this reason, you should get an electric fence charger. Electric fence chargers come in solar or AC-powered varieties, and we will review some of the best solar electric fencers for cattle below!

5 Best Electric Fence Chargers for Cattle

Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile

Last update on 2022-05-20

The Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile energizes up to five miles of electric fencing, operating for up to two weeks without sun and it can be turned 360 degrees so the charger faces the sunlight. They’re built in the USA, full load tested in the U.S., includes a 1-year warranty including lightning damage, have a mounting bracket that will work with Posts, Posts and round wood posts, and is great for those concerned about going green!


  • Use with: Steel Wire, Aluminum Wire, Polytape, Polywire, Polyrope
  • Solar-powered
  • 0.10 Output Joules
  • Easy Mount on Fence & Wall
  • Use on Up to 5 Miles of Fence


  • Low shock levels

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6

Last update on 2022-05-20

The new Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 is the newest solar-powered electric fence that delivers low impedance and features a unique built-in performance meter. This solar-powered electric fencer works well for livestock control, small to medium size pastures, and charges up to 25 miles of fence line before needing a recharge.


  • Shocks through wet weeds and brush
  • Built-in meter
  • Charges up to 25 miles of fence


  • Expensive

Parmak Super Energizer 5

Last update on 2022-05-19

Here’s a full-service electric fence controller. In addition to the 8,000 volts of HP, you’ll need to get both predators and livestock in check, there are color-coded ground and fence terminals for fast installation at a glance. It takes more than 50 miles worth of range too! If anything happens in your faraway fields, this is what can bring them back under supervision.


  • Low Impedance
  • Designed specifically for large pastures
  • Digital meter shows voltage on the fence


  • Indoor installation

Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger

Last update on 2022-05-19

The Gallagher M1100 Electric Fence Charger is the first-choice fence charger for reliable livestock control and predator exclusion. The tough outer casing with built-in lightning diverter protects a durable device that allows you to set your desired output voltage level according to the species of animal and type of fencing. With added power reserve, split bolt terminals for easy installation, adaptive output control technology, and quickscan output voltage bar graph – no other system delivers the same advanced features at such an affordable price.


  • Built-in lightning diverter
  • Tough outer casing
  • Adaptive output control technology
  • Split bolt terminals for easy installation


  • Needs a waterproof shed

Zareba ESP10M-Z

Last update on 2022-05-20

The Zareba ESP10M-Z is the perfect fence energizer for small and large farms alike! With a 2-week battery life without sun, it is easy to maintain even in the winter. The built-in mounting bracket secures to any post including T posts, Y posts, and round wood posts! Made in America with full load testing in the US after manufacturing, you can trust your farm animals will be safe from predators.


  • Low-impedance
  • Easy installation
  • Short resistance


  • Short cord

Types of Electric Fencing

There are three different types of electric fencing and they each have their own strengths. Do you need to keep the cattle contained in a certain area? You might want an electric fence energizer that has solar-powered panels, which will make sure there is always power available for it. If your cattle mostly stay within one smaller perimeter but sometimes get away from you, then you may want a solar or AC-powered solar electric fencer for cattle with rechargeable backup batteries.

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Mains Powered Electric Fence Charger for Cattle

If you need electric fencing for cattle that will work in any situation, then a mains-powered electric fence energizer is perfect. It can be hooked up to your house’s electric system and has no backup batteries or solar panels. These electric fence chargers for cattle are more expensive upfront and require a professional electrician to install, but they will work in any weather conditions.

Battery Powered Electric Fence Charger

Battery-powered electric fencers are the most popular because they’re easy to install and maintain. If there isn’t enough power available by using the battery alone, then it’ll switch over automatically from one energy source to another until it’s fully charged again (solar panel or AC). The downside of these chargers is that if something damages them, like rainwater corrosion on electrical components or animals chewing through wires, then they won’t function as well without a backup electric source.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger

Solar electric fences are great because they don’t require any additional electric sources to make them work. It’s also important to mention that these electric fence chargers are very affordable, and the installation is fairly simple as well. However, solar electric fencing will only be effective when it’s working in a sunny area which doesn’t happen all the time.

How high should an electric cattle fence be?

The electric cattle fence that you install on your property should be at a height of approximately five feet. This will deter most animals from being able to jump over the electric wire, but it won’t injure them if they touch it either.

An electric cattle fence will do a much better job at keeping animals off your property when it’s installed correctly. The electric wire should be strung between two poles, and the poles themselves should be in the ground about four feet deep. This is necessary so that any animals won’t just go under or around them to get into your yard.

How Can You Tell if Your Fence is Working?

The electric cattle fence is working if you can feel a tingle on the skin when you touch it. The electric current in the wire should be strong enough to zap animals that come into contact with it, but not so high as to injure them or make them sick.

If an animal touches the electric wire and doesn’t get spooked by the electricity flowing through it, then your electric fence may need fixing before any more damage occurs. You’ll want to call for professional help at this point because there are other dangers involved besides just repairing the electric fences. Make sure that these professionals know how much voltage your electric wires carry too!


The electric fence charger is the device you attach to your electric wire. It delivers a high voltage current that will keep animals from crossing into or out of your electric fenced areas, but this has its risks as well. Make sure these electric fences have been inspected by professionals because they can be dangerous if misused and should only be done with knowledge about how much electricity flows through them first!

Remember: it’s important for electric wires to carry enough voltage in order for an electric fence system to work properly- so make sure any professional knows what type of power your electric fences run on before getting anything repaired or replaced! The ability of the electric fence energizer and charger to work together determines whether cattle get shocked when they touch an electric fence.

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