Electric edgers are a great tool for many lawns to keep them looking neat and professional. They can be used as an alternative or supplement to a lawnmower, depending on the size of your yard. In this blog post, we will discuss how electric edgers work and what you need to know before buying one. We’ll also walk you through the steps of using an electric edger step by step!

What Is A Lawn Edger?

An electric blade is held in place with two metal plates that push into the soil around your edge line. An adjustable guide lets you control exactly where your cut happens so it’s always nice and straight along your property line. The motor powers either forward or reverse rotations which makes it much easier to get a clean cut without too much force.

If you have a hard time holding the blade in place while edging, then an electric model is going to be really helpful for your situation. They’re also great if you don’t feel comfortable pushing a gas version because of carbon emissions or safety concerns. The fact that they’re always ready and waiting makes them perfect for when it’s almost impossible to start up cold engines- like after sitting all winter long!

Types Of Lawn Edgers

There are two main types of lawn edgers to choose from. They can be broken down into gas or electric models, but there is also a third option that manual lawn edgers.

The first type runs on gasoline and provides you with lots of running time before having to refill its tank. It’s loud, heavy-duty, and powerful which means it’ll cut through even really thick grass without much effort at all!

The second type of lawn edger runs on electricity and provides you with enough juice for most residential jobs. It’s quiet, lightweight, easy to transport around the yard (and store), has very few moving parts to wear out or maintain, it is also cordless which means there are no cords getting in your way during use!

Last but not least we have manual models that require even less maintenance than electric models! Instead, you’ll be using muscle power along with a blade attached to either an extended handle or wheeled frame. The downside? They aren’t as powerful so they can only cut through thinner grasses without jamming up.

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How to Use the Electric Edger

Electric edgers are very easy to use. You simply follow these four steps:

Step one: push the machine over the lawn, pushing it back and forth in a zigzag pattern (or straight line, if desired). If you’re working on an area that has already been mowed, then skip this step because you don’t need to remove any grass blades. Just walk behind your electric edger as it rolls across the lawn. It will do all of the jobs for you!

Step two: stop after every five or six pushes so you can turn around and trim those areas where blade cuttings have accumulated at ground levels – such as against flowerbeds or sidewalks. Use either clippers or shears to trim off the grass.

Step three: edge along sidewalks and curbs, if desired. You can cut a straight or curved line around any object with your electric edger. Again, you will need to stop after every five or six pushes so that you can remove accumulated clippings from the blade’s cutting area (and avoid smudging them onto the sidewalk or curb).

Step four: if you want to edge along flowerbeds and objects such as trees, bushes, fence posts and mailboxes, use a power edger with an offset blade. The long handle of this type of electric edger will allow you to stand back from the object that is being trimmed.

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