Now that the leaves are falling, it is time to start thinking about how you will be getting your yard clean. One great way to do this is by using a gas leaf blower. Gas leaf blowers are not just for large yards either – these tools can help with any size yard and make cleaning up after fall much easier! If you need some tips on how to get started with your new gas leaf blower, then continue reading below.

The Correct Fuel Mixture for Gas Leaf Blower

Now that you have your new leaf blower and the first thing to do is make sure it is properly mixed with fuel. The correct fuel mixture for your gas leaf blower is important. Unsuitable fuels or mixture ratios that deviate from the specification can lead to high wear and serious damage to the engine, such as piston seizure.

If You Mix The Mixture for the Gas Leaf Blower Yourself

1 : 50 = 1 part oil + 50 parts gasoline.

A good mixing ratio for the leaf blower is 1: 50, which consists of 5 liters of gasoline and 0.10 liters (100 milliliters) of engine oil, preferably two-stroke engine oil.

Mixing the Fuel Mixture

To mix, first, pour the engine oil and then the gasoline into a canister approved for fuel. Before pouring the fuel mixture into the tank, we recommend mixing the components of the mixture by shaking the canister. Then carefully open the canister, as pressure may have built up.

How to Fuel Gas Leaf Blower

If you are working with a gas leaf blower, you will need to fuel it. This article covers what the process is like and how to do so correctly.

Filling up Your Leaf Blower If your engine has an automatic choke system, simply open the gas tank’s cap and pour in premixed gasoline into its reservoir through the filling spout on top of the unit. For engines that require manual chokes, allow 20 to 30 seconds for proper priming before starting up your device.

How to Start the Engine

Most gas leaf blowers have a choke and throttle. If the engine is cold, turn on the choke to prime it with fuel. Pull out the starter cord until you hear a click or feel resistance from its coils unwinding. Keep pulling until there’s no more resistance, then release the handle quickly to start up your machine. Once started, set the choke control knob back in place for running at full speed without choking out your machine.

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Let the Engine Run for a Second

Once the engine is running, let it idle for about ten seconds. This allows fuel to circulate through your system and warm up everything before you start work.

Let the Blower Warm Up For at Least Five Minutes: If you’re using a gas leaf blower in colder weather or if this is its first use of the season, keep letting it run until no more smoke comes out after five minutes when standing away from the machine.

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