A push reel mower is a great way to keep the lawn cut and looking fresh. It’s an eco-friendly option for those who don’t want to use gas or electricity, but keeping them in good condition can be tricky. Sharpening push reel mower blades are not only important for performance, but it also helps extend the life of your push reel mower. This article will show you three ways to sharpen push reel mowers blades so that you’re always cutting grass at top efficiency!

What makes reel mowers so special?

Reel mowers work differently than rotary mowers. They do not use two blades sitting on an axle, but horizontally rotating blade spindles. They cut the blades with four to six blades that curve in on themselves.

As soon as you push the mower, its spindle rotates past a fixed counter blade. The two blades do not touch. This makes cuts possible that are about as precise as if you had cut the lawn with scissors. Even paper leaves are cut cleanly by the blades of a reel mower.

On the other hand, with the sickle mowers commonly used in Germany, the blades of grass usually fray. This can cause them to dry out and give the lawn a gray haze.

Reel mowers, on the other hand, produce clean-cut surfaces that heal quickly. The lawn is always lush green. For those who value a visually pleasing lawn, this is an aesthetic advantage.

Whether you’re better off buying a reel mower or a rotary mower depends on two factors:

  • How big is your yard?
  • What type of lawn do you have?

Reel mowers work exclusively on a true ornamental lawn. They can only handle grass heights that are about half the diameter of the reel.

How Does A Reel Lawnmower Work?

Reel mowers work much like push lawnmowers, with the blade underneath. Instead of having multiple blades or a rotating cylinder on top, though, they have one long blade that spins as you push it forward and backward over your grass.

When the cylinder rotates, the blades press the grass against the blade attached to the cylinder, thus creating a cutting effect that resembles the working principle of scissors.

How can I sharpen the blades of a reel mower?

There are a few different ways to sharpen the blades on your reel mower.

You should also note that some push mowers have multi-blade cylinders, which can take off much more grass with each pass than their single-blade counterparts. If you notice that your lawn is looking scalped or patchy even after sharpening the blades of your push reel mower multiple times, then upgrading to a model with better cutting power may be beneficial for you. However, if this happens and it concerns you because someone in your family has allergies, talk to an expert about what type of push reel would work best for them before making any big decisions!

How To Sharpen A Reel Mower With A File?

Begin by removing your push reel mower’s blades from the lawnmower. This is typically done with two bolts on either side of where you have attached it for cutting grass which should be visible once you’ve removed the top cover of your push reel mower. Once these are loosened up, remove them completely then slide off the push reel mow ers’ blades so that they can be sharpened separately. Next, take out any debris that might be stuck inside your push reel mowers’ blade cylinder (the part with teeth). You’re going to want this as clean as possible attempting to sharpen its blades.

With a push reel mower’s blades exposed, take your file and start to “sharpen” the push reel mowers’ blade. Make sure you have an even amount of teeth being sharpened on both sides as this will ensure that it cuts evenly across the lawn or surface area where it’s placed down for cutting. Once done with the push reel mower’s blade, it should resemble the image below.

Use A Sharpening Compound On Reel Mower Blades

After you have sharpened the push reel mower blades, it’s time to use a sharpening compound on them. Doing so helps keep its blade in place and also provides an adhesive-like effect which ensures that no grass is being stuck inside of the push reel mowers’ blade cylinder (the part with teeth).

You’re going to want this as clean as possible attempting to sharpen its blades. If there is any debris leftover from your push reel mower sharpening process, then take your file again and remove those last few bits before applying whatever type of sharpening compound or oil you prefer using for these types of items.

With a push reel mower’s blades exposed, start at one end of the push reel mower blade and push your file against it in a steady, even motion.

It will take some time to get used to the pressure you need to apply when sharpening push reel mowers’ blades but if done correctly then this is something that can be easily mastered with practice. Continue going up and down each push reel mower’s blade until the burr is gone.

Once you have the push reel mower’s blades completely free of any burrs, take a clean cloth and some mineral oil or sharpening compound to apply it on top of the push reel mower’s blade in order to give your push reel mower better cutting capabilities.

Protecting the lawn mower – how to keep the blades sharp longer.

If you pay attention to a few small things, sharpening the blades will not be necessary for a long time.

  • Make sure that there are no branches or sticks on the lawn to be mowed and remove them before mowing.
  • Clean the blades after each mowing action and dry them. This will result in less rust or none at all. Rust causes the blades to dull more quickly.
  • Check the lawn in advance for foreign objects such as cans, stones, or plastics. It is best to clear these away before mowing, as hard parts cause the blades to dull quickly.
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