It is not a secret that horse manure can be a major problem for people who keep horses. There are many different ways to dispose of it, and choosing the right one can depend on the location in which you live. This blog post will cover how to dispose of manure in a sanitary and effective way, as well as what steps you should take when cleaning up after your horse.

How to Clean Up Horse Manure

It is important to clean up your horse’s manure promptly after it has been deposited because if left uncleaned for an extended period of time the ammonia in the urine can break down and release nitrates into the soil. These nitrogen-based substances are harmful to both animals and people, so be sure not to let any get onto nearby grass or other plants. The best way to do this is with a rake–just make sure you wear gloves before raking away at all that dirt!

About Manure Storage Methods

There are a few different methods for storing manure, but the most common one is to get yourself some old hay bales and lay them on their sides so that they form a rectangle. You will then need to go ahead and shovel your horse’s feces into this makeshift pile until it reaches about three feet in height. The reason you want such high piles of manure is that if the air circulates freely around it—which won’t happen with lower heights—this will help reduce odors from seeping out.

What Can Be Done With Manure

So what can we do with all that lovely fertilizer? A lot actually! Amending the soil is a great way to go if you’re looking for something natural and organic but want to avoid using any chemicals. But, you can also use it as compost material for mulching or to make your own straw bale garden (you’ll need at least six months before harvest time).

Or you could use it as a fertilizer for your lawn. You can mix manure with straw, hay, or other dried grasses and then store this mixture in an open container until the material starts to decompose before spreading on soil or turf.

Horse Manure Disposal Rules

There are a few main things that you need to know about when disposing of horse manure.

The first thing is where your rules and regulations allow, it’s best to put the manure on bare soil or in an area with no vegetation nearby. This will prevent runoff into a water supply which can be harmful to humans and animals alike. There is no need to be concerned with smells or flies since the manure will break down and become less odorous over time.

The second thing has to do with what you’re going to use for the disposal of your horse’s manure. If there is a municipal collection system in place, then contact them about adding another service pickup. The cost varies by area but it could be worth contacting them if they are not already handling these types of materials. Otherwise, an on-site compost pile may work best as long as you have enough space for this type of container.

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