Goats are among the earliest domesticated animals. Today, it is believed that there are over 450 million goats globally. They are often raised for milk, meat, and wool. Whether you are commercial or hobby farmer, raising goats can be a good idea!

If you plan to raise goats for whatever purpose it may serve, one of the most important is to understand their characteristics. Goats exist in all shapes, colors, and sizes. For the uninitiated, they may look the same, but the truth is, they are different in more ways than one.

Different goat breeds will have different care requirements. Some will be more sensitive than the others. Their meat and milk production rate will also vary, which will be important considerations if you plan to raise these animals in a farm.

Want to know more about goat breeds? Check out the informative table below.

Alpine Alpine Originating from the French Alps, they can produce up to two gallons of milk. They have horns and erect ears.
Anglo-Nubian Anglo-Nubian A British breed of domestic goat, it has large lop ears and a convex profile.
Angora Angora A horned goat, this is one of the most picturesque breeds. It looks like a sheep, especially its coat.
Black Bengal Black Bengal A goat breed from Bangladesh, it has a black or brown coat. This goat has small horns and legs.
Boer Boer A goat breed that popular for its meat production, they have white bodies and brown heads.
Cashmere Cashmere This goat is known for its production of cashmere wool. It has a fine and soft winter undercoat.
Danish Landrace Danish Landrace  This medium-sized Danish goat is a crossbreed. It has seven coat colors, but the most common are white, blue, and black.
Girgentana Girgentana A breed of Italian domestic goat, it is currently in danger of disappearance. It is known for its twisted spiral horns.
Golden Guernsey Golden Guernsey Small to medium-sized, these goats are rare breeds, which are often kept for milk production.
Icelandic Goat Icelandic Goat Also known as settlement goats, they are already on the verge of extinction. It is the only farm animal sponsored by the national government of Iceland to ensure its survival.
Irish Goat Irish Goat This domestic goat from Ireland is known for its milk and meat production. It is a long-haired and horned goat, often black, white, or grey in color.
Kalahari Red Goat Kalahari Red Goat A goat breed from South Africa, it is known for its red coat. This goat is raised for meat production.
Kiko Kiko A breed of goat from New Zealand, the name literally translates to meat in English. It has lean meat and known for its mothering skills.
Kinder Kinder This goat breed was developed in 1985 as a cross between a pygmy and a Nubian. It can weigh up to 150 pounds.
Kri-Kri Kri-Kri Also called a Cretan goat, it is a breed found primarily in Crete in Greece.
La Mancha La Mancha These goats are easy to recognize because of their short ear pinnae. They are also known for their milk production.
Majorera Majorera A native to the Canary Islands, it is a medium-sized dairy goat with an elongated body.
Myotonic Myotonic Also called Tennessee fainting goats, they have lock-up skeletal muscles, which cause them to fall briefly.
Nigerian Dwarf Nigerian Dwarf It is a miniature but well-proportioned goat. The size is about half of an average goat. This is a great goat for milk production at home.
Oberhasli Oberhasli This modern American goat is known for its dairy production. Its coat has prominent black markings.
Philippine Philippine Raised for its meat, the Philippine goat is recognizable for its slender body.
Pygmy Pygmy Also called Cameroon dwarf goat, these are small goats with African origin. They have limbs that are not proportionate to their body.
Rangeland Rangeland Raised primarily for its meat, this goat is tall and wide with short hair. They are commonly found in Australia.
Saanen Saanen The largest breed of Swiss goat, it can be horned or hornless. Males can grow as big as 200 pounds.
Sable Sable From the Saanen goat of Switzerland, it has large ears and short hair. The average weight is 145 pounds.
Somali Somali A goat breed from Somalia and East Kenya, it is medium sized with short hair and short ears.
Spanish Spanish These goats can survive even in harsh environments. They are small, tough, and have horned ears.
Thuringian Thuringian A breed of goat from Central Germany, it is grown for milk production.
Toggenburg Toggenburg Being around since the 1600s, it is one of the oldest goat breeds. It has a straight face and full beard. They also have flap on the neck.
Valais Blackneck Valais Blackneck An alpine goat, this is commonly found in Switzerland and Germany. It has saber-shaped horns and an undercoat that will appear only in the winter.
Verata Verata You can recognize this goat breed by its twisted horns. It is from Spain and grown primarily for its meat.
West African Dwarf West African Dwarf As they are named, these are small goats from West Africa. Their height usually ranges from 12 to 20 inches.
White Short-Haired White Short-Haired This goat from Czech Republic is white to light brown in color. It has long legs and body.
Xinjiang Xinjiang A breed of goat from Xinjiang, China, they are known for their cashmere production. They have prominent long horns.
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