Homeowners take great pride in maintaining a well-trimmed and beautiful garden thanks mostly due to the best wood chipper they use. Keeping your garden free of dried leaves, branches and other debris is not as easy as it may seem.

The amount of waste the trees and plants in a garden can generate is simply huge. Adding fresh mulch to improve the appearance of the soil or just wanting to clear away the fallen branches, having a chipper shredder is very useful.

9 Best Rated  Wood Chipper Shredders For Small Farm

The chipper shredders, as the name implies, help in chopping wood and shredding. You can find numerous models including electric, gas, and battery powered models in the market. However, before purchasing you have to consider certain important criteria such as:

  • How frequently you use the chipper shredder
  • Your budget
  • Light or heavy duty model

If you own a huge yard and a huge amount of greenery you should go for the higher end professional grade chipper shredders. On the other hand, if you only intend to use it occasionally, you need to look at the affordable models. To make your job of choosing a good wood shredder and chipper we have compiled a list of best chipper shredders. Read on to know which is best for your home:

Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

If you are worried about the unsightly debris in your yard, owning a good chipper mulcher like Sun Joe Chipper shredder is a good choice. You can effortlessly turn the debris into nutritious garden mulch getting rid of the debris and also contribute to a greener environment by reducing, reusing and recycling garden waste. This is a light duty wood chipper that is ideal for home use. The significant feature highlights of this electric chipper shredder are:

  • The electric garden tool operates with the help of a robust motor of 14 amp generating about 4300 revolutions a minute.
  • Is capable of minimizing huge yard waste to about 1/16 of their original size
  • The chipper mulcher can reduce limbs and sticks of about 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • The chipped and shredded waste is ideal as garden mulch for flower beds and trees
  • The design is compact and has  6 inches wheels enabling easy portability
  • Locking knob and safety hopper stops the motor when the device is opened
  • It is ETL approved and has a 2-year full warranty.


  • The chipper shredder is light in weight and portable
  • Set up and operation is very simple and easy
  • Electric power helps avoid fumes, smoke and expensive repair connected with the gas-powered models
  • The blades are of good quality and durable


  • The device does not have any settings to adjust the size or speed.
  • It does not chip or shred branches that are 1.5 inches in diameter
  • You need to unscrew the chipper when twigs or branches get stuck in it
  • Small twigs come out as the same when passed through the chipper shredder

Greenworks Corded Shredder & Chipper 24052

If you are environment conscious and want to reduce your carbon print as much as you can, purchasing the Greenworks wood chipper shredder may be a good idea. The tool provides good quality that ensures your lawn work gets done in record time so you are left with lots of free time to spend during your weekend.

The electric chipper shredder does not need any maintenance or tune-ups as in a gas powered model making it an ideal choice whether you use it regularly or occasionally.

The significant feature highlights of this chipper shredder are:

  • It is fitted with a motor of 15 amp that provides 4000 rpm
  • Cutting diameter of the blade is 1 3/8”, which allows trimming of nearly all debris
  • Wheels are of 7 inches making it easy to maneuver it
  • Has a push paddle that allows feeding of debris into hopper simple and safe.
  • The large bag makes disposal easy
  • Has an additional reversible blade set


  • Works rapidly cutting both straight and almost straight wood
  • Blades are very sharp
  • Light in weight so is easy to move it around the yard
  • Has a 4 year warranty period


  • Does not work on leaves
  • Makes too much noise while operating
  • The rear part is difficult to remove when you need to change the blades or if something gets stuck inside
  • Is not ideal for use on crooked branches

Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher

Frustrated with the perpetually piling leaves and debris in your yard? The WorxWG430 leaf mulcher may be just what you need. This small wood chipper is tool-free, easy to assemble and dismantle for compact and convenient storage. In just a few steps, the tool can clean up your yard magically. Here are some of the significant features of this leaf mulcher from Worx:

  • The leaf mulcher is fitted with a motor of 13 amp that is capable of efficiently turning 53 gallons of leaves into mulch in a minute with an rpm of 8500.
  • The mulched debris can be easily collected in a bag
  • The leaf mulcher has a bladeless flex a line trimmer that has a mulching ratio of 11:1
  • The line diameter is 0.09 inches and cutting diameter is 13 inches
  • The mulcher has 24 cutting lines
  • A simple start and stop system and clean air system for cooling motor is present


  • Uses safe and heavy duty trimmer instead of metal blades that are dangerous
  • Clean air cooling system for motor reduces dust accumulation
  • Set up is very easy
  • Can effortlessly convert huge acres of debris into manageable mounds
  • Convenient to disassemble and clean


  • Since it has a high rpm, it generated huge amounts of dust so you need to use a face mask and eye protection while operating it.
  • Is noisy
  • Can emit debris pieces that can harm your skin or eyes too
  • Does not handle smaller twigs and debris as efficiently as the larger branches

Sun Joe SDJ616 Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Tired of clearing away heaps and heaps of leaves and other lawn debris every day? The Sun Joe electric leaf shredder and mulcher may be a good option for you. Sun Joe leaf shredder can effortlessly shred huge amounts of leaves and convert them to nutrient-rich compost that you can recycle and reuse in your garden.

Since this garden chipper is electric, you need not worry about toxic emissions as present in gas-powered models. The important feature highlights of Sun Joe Shredder are:

  • The leaf shredder and mulcher has a motor of 13 amp that features 8000 rpm capable of mulching nearly 12 gallons of leaves in a minute
  • The design is convenient for attaching a trash container lined with leaf collecting bag enabling easy disposal
  • Has control dial with adjustable settings for dealing with dry or wet yard debris
  • The motor has dust reducing cooling system
  • Light in weight and compact in size so is easy to move it around and for storing when not in use
  • Minimizes waste to about 1/16th of the original size
  • Has 20 replacement lines


  • Electric model helps avoid toxic emissions present with gas shredders
  • Advanced cooling system for motor ensuring clean and safe air while shredding leaves
  • Set up is easy and done in a few minutes time
  • Handles even the smaller twigs with ease


  • Electric motor gets clogged often making cleaning difficult
  • The unit makes quite a lot of noise when in use

Eco-Shredder ES1600 Electric Chipper/Shredder/Mulcher

Are you looking for a quality electric chipper shredder to make your own nutrient-rich compost for your garden? The Eco-Shredder electric chipper may be an effective way to save time, effort and money. The eco shredder has good wood chipper reviews.

As the name implies it is free of toxic fumes and other noxious substances so you can clean your garden or yard in a breeze without worrying about the capability of the eco-shredder. Some important feature highlights of Eco-Shredder include:

  • A motor of 14 amp that trims bushes and rakes leaves in a breeze
  • The mulching or cutting system is a triple action system
  • Includes additional free cutting blades
  • Is easy and simple to operate unlike gas-powered tools that are difficult to start and also to maintain
  • Has three-way feeding system. The hopper in the top accepts small branches, twigs, and debris
  • Side chute can handle branches that are about 13/8 inches in diameter.


  • The different shredding and mulching processes provide uniform and consistent results
  • Is cleaner and quieter than the gas models
  • Easy portability due to 7-inch wheels
  • The discharge chute is round making it easy to clean


  • The instruction manual is difficult to follow
  • When the device gets stuck, the instructions do not give a clear solution to treating the jams
  • The space between exit chute bottom and ground is very small making it difficult to remove debris
  • Hopper is too small leaving you to chug leaves into the unit for a longer time

Flowtron LE-900 Electric Leaf Shredder

If you want your yard clear of leaves and other debris quickly and efficiently, the Flowtron leaf shredder is a great choice. The branch shredder and mulcher can clear your curb in a breeze. Best of all you can save on trash bags and disposal fees as the design minimizes waste into manageable mounds that you can reuse and recycle.

If you do want to dump the waste, you can mount the shredder directly on to a garbage can or attach a bag to the unit bottom using a bungee cord. The important feature highlights of Flowtron mulcher include:

  • The leaf shredder is fitted with a 5.9 amp motor
  • The unit is very light in weight weighing just 17lbs.
  • The motor is protected thermally and against overload making this unit a best electric wood chipper.
  • 36 double cutting lines of heavy duty material are durable and easy to change when required
  • The air filter is easy to remove and clean
  • The loading funnel is extra-large in size about 21 inches in diameter making loading a breeze. It is made of polyethylene and is of high density.
  • Has a capacity of one bushel and particle size can be adjusted from 8 to 1. The reduction ratio is 30:1
  • Has convenient carry handles and an in-built compartment for storage
  • Pressure knobs can be adjusted to tilt the hopper at any angle for convenient loading


  • The cutting lines can be stored in the storage compartment provided
  • Air filter made of foam is easy to remove and clean
  • The adjustable opening under the blades is convenient while shredding wet and moist leaves
  • Fast and simple to use


  • Funnel with multiple pieces is difficult to handle and looks flimsy
  • The device makes too much noise
  • Can shred just needles and leaves
  • The unit is too large for a shredder

Tazz 22752 K33 Chipper Shredder

If you are in search of a compact yet effective chipper shredder for your small yard, the Tazz K33 chipper shredder may be a good fit. The compactly designed yard chipper packs an amazing performance.

With a five year warranty and robust design, you need to put in very minimal effort to have your yard free of dried leaves and other debris. The significant feature highlights of Tazz chipper shredder include:

  • A Viper engine of 301cc capacity
  • Is very compact with dimensions of 29.9 inches length and 25.4 inches width, hence occupies minimal space in your garden shed or garage
  • The 11-inch wheels are very efficient and durable
  • Debris bag is of sturdy quality and features a zipper at the bottom and a bag connector with quick dock and lock feature
  • The shredder has a vacuum kit that is optional. The kit produces over 20% more vacuum when compared to other competitor models
  • The 34 inches high shredder makes it easy to load the debris into the unit


  • The lightweight but sturdy model is easy to maneuver
  • The height makes it easy to load leaves into the hopper without having to lift the debris above your head
  • The collecting bag is well sealed and does not allow debris to blowback
  • The small size, convenient handlebars, and huge wheels make the unit easy and efficient to use


  • Hot air emits from the exhaust which can be very uncomfortable during hot weather
  • The hopper flange is not designed properly. It bends easily
  • Assembly of the unit is difficult
  • Instructions are not clear. The separate switches for fuel valve and power on and off can be confusing

Patriot Products CSV-3100B Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

If a stylish look and powerful performance are your main criteria in a chipper shredder, the 10 HP Briggs & Stratton leaf shredder from Patriot Products is an ideal choice. The shredder works fast and is very easy to handle. Here are the significant features of Briggs & Stratton gas chipper shredder:

  • The chipper shredder is powered by a Briggs engine of 10 HP
  • Can effectively chip branches that are up to about 3 inches diameter
  • The unit’s side discharge makes it easy to work in a single location for a long time
  • The design is 50 State Compliant.
  • Direct drive patented system eliminates the use of tedious pulleys and belts
  • Large wheels enable easy maneuvering
  • Overhead design of valve makes the unit cool, clean and fuel efficient.
  • Lo-tone muffler helps reduce noise during use
  • Engine damage is prevented with the sensor for low oil
  • The collection bag is very huge and capable of holding twice that of usual collection bags


  • The machine is very powerful, and it shreds and chips all types of yard debris quickly
  • Runs very quietly
  • Easy to assemble by a single person
  • The design makes it easy to move around in spite of the heavyweight model


  • The engine of 10HP power is difficult to start as it requires three hard pulls
  • Hopper for the shredder is very small making feeding a laborious process
  • The hopper cannot accommodate crooked and bent branches.

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder

A good quality chipper shredder can make yard cleaning an easy chore. The Earthquake Chipper Shredder with Briggs and Stratton engine is one such yard shredder that can drastically minimize your yard cleaning work. The engine is a 4-cycle Briggs and Stratton model. The important feature highlights include:

  • An engine of 205cc capacity
  • Is capable of chipping materials that are about 3 inches in diameter
  • The hammers and knives used are of heavy duty model
  • Has a waste reduction ratio of 20:1
  • The collection bag is of 2-bushel capacity


  • Is ideal for reducing garden waste to mulch and compost
  • Handles leaves and branches very well
  • Reduces composting time by several months


  • The collection bag cannot be secured to the shredder. Without the bag, all shredded material is spread around the place
  • The lightweight body makes the machine to vibrate while operating
  • A clogged machine is difficult to clean as it cannot be disassembled for cleaning
  • Wheels are made of cheap quality plastic


When your garden is generating huge amounts of organic waste, you need a handy and efficient chipper shredder. Choose from the above list of the best chipper shredder for home use to keep the plants and trees well-trimmed and save on money and effort. A chipper shredder is best for gardens that need to be free of tiny branches, leaves, and other waste easily and effectively.

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