Living on a farm means you might need the best sheep shearing equipment to shear your farm animals. We’ll show you a list of such gear and a shopper’s guide to help you choose the best product for your farm, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Types of Sheep Shearing Equipment

You’re probably wondering what can be so difficult in choosing some clippers to shear my sheep? The answer is simple: because just like with most other goods, these clippers come in a variety of models and types.

These are just a few types of shears you can find:

  • Wired and cordless machines
  • Designed to completely shear the sheep, or just to maintain
  • For frequent or less frequent use
  • For beginner or experienced shearers
  • Suitable only for farm animals or for house pets as well

Keep in mind that one device can and will belong in more than just one of these categories. Choosing the wrong equipment can injure your animal. These aspects are not the only ones to consider, as you’ll see from the guide below.

7 Best-Rated Electriс Professional Sheep Shears

Last update on 2023-05-23

Let’s first see which are the best sheep shearing tools currently available on the market.

1. HOOLNB 1000W Sheep Shears

Last update on 2023-05-14

These shears can be used for any sheep, goat, or other type of farm animal that needs seasonal grooming. These sheep clippers can be ordered with the correct plug for your country, and with the blade, you need based on your experience. The straight teeth are for novices and the curved ones for experienced users.

You can also choose from the blade with 9 teeth for animals with a thick coat or the blade with 12 teeth for the animals with a more sparse coat. Based on your needs, you can order the other blades separately.


  • Various maintenance accessories included


  • Other blades sold separately

2. SUNCOO Professional Sheep Shears

Last update on 2023-05-23

According to the manufacturer, these shears are good for any animal on the farm that benefits from their fur or wool being cut on a regular basis. Those who used this product advise against shearing sheep with it.

The great advantage of these shears is that they can use any generic cutting blades. It is an affordable product, thus appearing more attractive to many.


  • Affordable


  • Not for small animals that can get easily scared, like cats

3. Pet & Livestock HQ

Last update on 2023-05-23

One problem many people have with most sheep shears is cutting the skin of the animal by accident. Another problem is overheating of the blade which can burn both the skin and the fur of the animal. These electric sheep shears are designed in a special way to minimize the risk of both these problems.

Other advantages of this product are its very long cord that is over 18 feet long, as well as the machine being a good fit for shearing various pets.


  • Comes with an extra set of blades


  • Blades are not sharp enough

4. ExGizmo Electric Sheep Clipper

Last update on 2023-05-23

Here you have a product that is available in 2 models, based on the power: 320W and 700W.  The package includes a shearing clipper and shearing blades. The device has to be handled with care, as it can easily injure the animal.

Those interested in this product, have to buy the oil separately. This is valid for both models.


  • Easy for beginners to use


  • No separate blades available from this brand

5. Simoner Professional

Last update on 2023-05-23

The manufacturer of these shears recommends them for large-scale shearing. The shears have a protective sleeve to avoid injuring the animal during the shearing process. Some devices seem to be made for right-handed people, however, this one is good for left-handed persons as well. The main let-down of these shears is that it comes with a single blade.


  • Good for both right and left-handed people


  • Other blessed sold separately

6. Missyee Sheep Clippers

Last update on 2023-05-23

The Missyee Sheep Clippers can easily be used on cattle or even horses, if you change the cutting head. Additionally, you’ll have to also change the tension depending on the type of fur or wool you try to shear. What makes them some of the best sheep shears is their compatibility with other brands of blades.

Its motor is too powerful for smaller animals such as cats or puppies. However, these shears work well on large dogs.


  • Compatible with other brands of blades.


  • Not recommended for household pets

7. ZHFEISY Sheep Shears

Last update on 2023-05-23

Most of the previous models had cords. The ZHFEISY sheep shears are cordless, allowing you to shear your sheep when the power is out. Other advantages of this item are its 2 speed settings: high and low and the possibility of using them on small animals like angora rabbits.

To use this product on cattle or horses you’ll need to change the shearing head. This is not a product to be used on people.


  • High and low-speed options
  • Good for angora rabbits


  • Battery-powered

Best Sheep Shearing Equipment Buyer’s Guide

While you now know which items are the best, you may still now know how to choose the perfect one for you and your farm. Here’s what you should keep in mind and why.

Shears’ Purpose

We already established you’ll shear sheep or other similar animal on your farm. However, there are different breeds of sheep or goats out there. Each breed has a different type of wool, and the sheep shearing clippers will perform differently on each.

The device might not work the same also based on the age of the animal, because their fur or wool has a different texture and density. So the animal’s age is another aspect you’ll have to keep in mind.

Still in this section, you have to think of what kind of shearing you’ll be performing. For instance, some models are designed to completely shear the animal. Other models are designed to apply the finishing touches, or for slick-shearing club lambs for shows.

How Often Will You Use Them?

Depending on the breed, sheep will grow their coat at different rates and you’ll have to adapt your shearing accordingly. Generally, sheep will need shearing once or twice per year. In this case scenario, a low or middle range device might suffice.

However, there are sheep breeders out there that participate in livestock shows and competitions. If you plan on doing the same, you’ll need to get an item from the top of the range.

Who’ll Use the Shears

Shearing might be a task better left to adults, however, sometimes older children can offer a helping hand. The will be more difficult for children to handle the heavier they are,  the more they vibrate, or the hotter they become.

The shearing experience of the user is also important. Beginners don’t always know how to angle the blades, how deep to go, and other aspects. They’ll need a machine that is easy to use and with clear instructions.

Power Source

Making sure the plug of the machine is designed for your country or area is a no brainer. However, it was easy to see from the products above that some are wired and some are cordless. You might want to buy some clippers with a cord if you have many animals to shear, this way you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

You might want a cordless product if you live in an area where the power frequently goes out. This type of product can also be a good choice if you have few animals or if they aren’t very close to a power source and you don’t have anything that is long enough to reach the shearing place.

Spare Blades and Compatibility

It is possible that you already have some shears, but they got old and want to buy some new ones for good measure. Paying attention to whether the new shearing clippers are compatible with the blades from the old machine is a good idea if those ones are not dull yet.

The compatibility aspect is important if you buy the product, you like it, and consider purchasing only the blades for some time. Perhaps the clippers come with curved blades and you want straight ones, or you want a different number of teeth. In these cases, being able to easily find spare compatible blades is something to take into consideration.

Price Tag

The price tag is usually the main factor many people consider when choosing any product, disregarding all other aspects or features. Sure, this is an important aspect, but it shouldn’t be the most important. There are times when a cheap product can be really good. You may need it only now and then and when you do, it does the job, whereas it would fail on regular use.

Do remember that the rule of thumb is that a low price points to a poor quality product. Such an item will have to be replaced more often and this means spending probably more money in the long run.

Borrowing the equipment is also possible if you’re friends with other farmers and money is an issue. They may even have a model you’re interested in, but you would really want to try it out before purchasing.

What Else is There to Know?

There are a few more things you should know about these sheep wool trimmers. These things are not directly related to choosing a device.


For starters, you can use the same device for longer if you properly care for it. This means you’ll have to clean and oil it quite often while in use. Once you’re done shearing, you have to clean it well of all the hair, oil it, and then store it in a clean and dry area.

Another maintenance aspect is sharpening the blades. You already learned that the blades can go dull, as this happens with most tools that cut. These blades can be sharpened by someone who knows what he’s doing. Improper procedure or sharpening tools can cause irreversible damage.


Electric clippers are noisy. Many are advertised as being quiet, however, they aren’t completely quiet or even silent. If noise is something that you’re bothered by, you might want to have some headphones on hand to cancel out the sounds from the device. Certain sheep can get easily scared by the sound of the clippers.


Most clippers are rather strong and they need to be, to cut through the wool. This also means that accidents can easily happen. Many animals can start associating the noise of the machine with pain if this happens often enough. In time, they’ll become difficult to handle especially when the shearing time approaches.

The power of the motor can also make the device vibrate. The vibration will require a better grip on the handle. You’ll have to be careful though, as the handle does become quite hot during the whole process. Taking short breaks is generally indicated.

The last aspect related to power is that this property makes a bad choice when it comes to cutting hair on small animals like cats, rabbits, or smaller breeds of dogs. They’re also strictly not good to be used on people either. Injuries are highly likely to happen when cutting the wrong type of hair or fur.

Hand Shears

The type of shears we want to tell you about is the old fashioned types that look more like a pair of scissors. Just like a barber, a good shearer would know how to use these shears as well, and may even have some. Having a pair of these is another thing to consider, as Plan C when the power is out and the batteries also ran out. These also come in a variety of models: with sharp or blunt tips, with long or short blades.


We hope this guide was helpful to you, and that now you know which are the characteristics you have to look at before buying a new sheep wool trimmer device.

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