If you want to make your yard work easy and efficient, then choosing the best push leaf blower for your needs is essential. That’s why we’ve collected reviews of four of the top models on the market today, including information about how to choose and use them correctly.

5 Best Push Leaf Blower

1. Landworks Leaf Blower

Last update on 2022-05-19

Reliable at even the toughest of tasks, the Landworks leaf blower is made for professionals in mind. Handles any dirt with wind force speeds of up to 200 mph, this trusted brand will keep your lawn in pristine condition every time you use it. Get yours today and see what a difference a Landworks leaf blower can make.

The power behind every turn! Explore the professional features of our all-powerful 7 hp 4 stroke single cylinder gas engine leaf blowers without going through hours’ worth of research first! With a maximum bevel capacity along with an efficient design built from durable materials that withstand many seasons, this blower has tons to offer whether you’re working as an individual or as a company interested in supplying these heavy-duty.


  • Easy to Use
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Adjustable Speeds
  • Ideal for Large Surface Areas


  • The front of the blower has a relatively small air intake

2. Intradin SuperHandy

Last update on 2022-05-19

Blowing leaves all over the yard has never been more fun! This Intradin SuperHandy is a roof ripper on wheels, so you can save your back and still have a blast while you work. It’s equipped with an all-powerful 7Hp 212cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine to get the job done efficiently and it features a Jet Sweep Blower that makes leaf pileups easy breezy. As if that weren’t enough, this baby comes built from heavy-duty powder-coated rust-resistant steel for years of leaf-blowing enjoyment.


  • High-power engine
  • Efficient design
  • Swivel front wheel


  • Difficult to steer

3. Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower

Last update on 2022-05-19

Easy to use and lightweight, the Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower are perfect for residential areas with light debris. Blow away dirt, leaves, twigs, grass clippings, or any other trash in your path with its powerful 200 MPH air volume at 2000 CFM air velocity. Stay clean with less fatigue than heavier blowers!


  • Air Velocity (MPH): 200
  • Cylinder Displacement (cc): 305
  • Noise Level (dB): 71


  • Heavy to push
  • Controls aren’t near the handle

4. Billy Goat F1302SPH

Last update on 2022-05-19

The Billy Goat F1302SPH has a Honda engine and is made for tough, professional jobs. If you need reliable equipment that’s cost-effective and easy to maintain, the Billy Goat F1302SPH is perfect for your needs.


  • Honda engine
  • High airpower
  • Aim N shoot nozzle


  • Heavy

5. Mantis Little Wonder Optimax Leaf Blower

Last update on 2022-05-19

Explore the benefits of a Mantis small wonder leaf blower that’s powerful enough to handle your large yard.

It has a 160 cc engine, which is perfect for all-purpose use and doesn’t produce as much smoke. The medium-range means you can use the blower in yards from 4000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft with ease. It features 153 MPH airflow speed and 1397 CFM airflow volume to remove tough debris like wet leaves without a problem.


  • Powerful 160 cc Honda engine
  • Aerodynamic 17-inch propeller
  • Anti-vibration grip


  • Not self-propelled

What is a Push Leaf Blower?

A push leaf blower is a type of garden tool that uses airflow from an internal fan to blow debris off grass, walkways, or driveways. Push leaf blowers are light and easy to use for most people. The device has two handles and the top one controls power with trigger control while the bottom handle provides stability when in use. Some models also have adjustable speeds so you can choose the right amount of airflow needed for your yard job as well as safety features like automatic shut-off if you drop them suddenly. It works by using a powerful motor attached to a fan inside which creates wind pressure through openings at both ends of its housing (the upper opening pushes air forward onto whatever needs.

How To Choose The Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

Walk-behind leaf blowers are a bit more complicated since they have multiple functions and measures to consider. These are the kinds of blowers that you can see landscapers using on job sites since they need to be powerful enough to clean a large area in an efficient manner. They typically have bigger engines and larger fans although their size does not necessarily mean more power as well so keep this in mind when selecting one for your needs.

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Areas of Application – This is What a Powerful Leaf Blower is Needed for!

Of course, the classic application for a leaf blower is and remains the removal of the leaves falling from the trees in autumn, in order to clean paths, roads, driveways, but also garden areas. However, although the leaf blower was developed specifically for this application, it quickly became apparent that this device offers far more possibilities for use. For example, after mowing the lawn, the leaf blower can be used to remove the grass clippings from the freshly mowed lawn without any problems, and even loose debris such as paper or light building materials can be removed with the leaf blower without any problems.

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