We can all agree that maintaining the yard is essential for keeping your household neat and tidy. However, the standard lawn mower is not convenient for narrow spaces. But is there an alternative?

Yes, there is. By choosing the best pole saw, you will get a convenient way to trim hard-to-reach branches of trees without too much hassle. You can find different types such as corded, cordless, and gas-powered models. Of course, we recommend you to choose per your preferences.

Best Rated Pole Saws

Some Words About

Pole saw is the convenient saw on the end of the long pole, which is suitable for tree trimming. The idea is to allow you to prune high branches without any additional hassle. It includes small saw on the end of the pole so that you can use it above your head.

It’s a perfect tool for running large shrubs and trees. It is an excellent solution because it will allow you to remove hard-to-reach branches for which you would usually need a stepladder. It’s an effective way to reach high objects and maintain your garden with ease. Finally, the job will be much easier and faster when compared to conventional extended chainsaws.

What Types of Saws Do We Know?

  • Gas-Powered – Gas powered pole saws are much louder, bigger, and heavier than electric-powered types. At the same time, they are inconvenient because they emit plenty of exhaust into the air. However, if you have a heavy-duty project to take care of, they are much more powerful than electric types.
  • Corded – Corded pole saws won’t provide you the same amount of power as on gasoline, but they are more potent than cordless products. It is ideal for household owners that want to prune the backyard. The significant advantage is that it doesn’t require oil maintenance and hassle with dead batteries. You have to plug it into an appropriate outlet and enjoy it all the way. However, the main disadvantage is the lack of mobility due to corded nature.
  • Cordless – Cordless pole chainsaw is the most convenient due to the possibility to move it around without too much hassle. If you have projects that require slight, yard maintenance, you should choose cordless pole saw. You will reduce the hassle of oil maintenance and frustrating cords all over the yard, but they are less potent when compared with other types.

Buying Guide

Choosing an appropriately extended chainsaw is a daunting task and requires a prior understanding of the vast array of specifications. There are numerous factors that you should consider before selection, and we decided to present to you the most important ones:

  • Power To Weight Ratio – When choosing the saw, it is essential to consider your specific needs so that you can find the best weight to power ratio. You should keep in mind that you will work with it over your head, so if you purchase a weak and heavy model, you will have to hold it longer than when buying durable and lightweight. You should choose your preferences as the primary concern before you enter the store.
  • Electric or Gas – This is also an important consideration because there are various advantages and disadvantages of both types. First, we recommend you to consider the size of your property. Some electric-powered products cannot handle heavy-duty assignments; while gas-powered have enough power to handle almost everything. However, gas-powered models require frequent maintenance; they are more substantial than electric models and provide harmful emissions that could endanger the environment. For light-duty work, it is always better to choose an electric-powered model.
  • Safety Features – Remember that a saw is a dangerous tool that could cause severe injuries. Imagine that you are holding pole saw 10-feet over your head so that you can cut branches. In case you lose a grip, you can easily injure yourself. Therefore, we recommend you to consider different safety features such as lock-on and safety off switch as well as ergonomic features that will increase comfort during the performance.

Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E

Last update on 2023-11-13

If you want to choose an electric telescopic pole chainsaw that will help you to maintain the yard and garden, you should consider Sun Joe SWJ800E. It is the perfect alternative to fume-filled and smoky gas-powered tools, mainly because you will be able to start it in a matter of seconds.

You can use it both horizontally and vertically, and trim hard-to-reach branches without back strain like other saws on the market. It includes 6.5-amp engine that allows cutting through thickest tree limbs. Due to 8-inch Oregon bar and chain, you will enjoy an auto-oiling feature that will protect both bar and chain during the performance.

You will be able to start it with a single button, which is an excellent solution when compared to gas-powered alternatives. It also comes with a safety switch so that you can prevent accidental starting and further injuries.

It is perfect and user-friendly, with five feet long pole that can extend 24-inches more so you can reach up to 14-feet above. It comes with an adjustable powerhead angle so that you can cut up to 30-degrees in both sides.


  • Perfect for overhanging limbs and thin logs
  • Adjustable pole for additional convenience
  • Auto-oiling feature
  • Lightweight and simple to use


  • Lousy plastic gear that can wear off after a frequent use

2. Remington RM1025P

Last update on 2023-11-13

If you want to choose the budget-friendly and mighty product attachment, we recommend you to consider Remington RM1025P. It has way better handguards and triggers in comparison to the previous version. At the same time, you can adjust pole length from either end, which will reduce the setup time.

It features an 8-amp electric engine with 1.5 HP and 10-inches bar so that you can cut through 10-inches in diameter tree trunks and limbs. It is one of the most potent electric saws that you can find on the market.

The other reason for its popularity is simple to use features as well as simple startup. The weight is average, while users state that it is not well balanced when compared with other types. The pressure is more at the end of the pole, which could be challenging for beginners.

It includes maximum extension up to 9-feet, which is great because you will be able to reach high branches without ladders. It can reach between 12 and 14-feet off the ground. It features manual oiler, and you will need to fill three ounces inside before starting on.


  • Powerful performance
  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Detachable saw for additional convenience
  • Affordable price tag


  • You will have to oil the chain and bar manually


Last update on 2023-11-13

All of us have heard about Black & Decker and its vast array of high-quality power tools. When it comes to pole saws, one of the best models is Black & Decker LPP120. It is an excellent solution due to the straightforward controls and lightweight construction.

Even though most people think that electric pole saws are not too overpowering, this particular one features 20V and 8-inch cutting bar so that you can deal with thick branches up to 6-inches in diameter.

It is one of the lightest extended saws on the market with only 6.3 pounds in weight. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for people who want to find a lighter alternative to gas-powered saws. Handling it is as simple as possible due to the minimum noise and vibration during the performance.

It doesn’t have an automatic oiler, which means that you will have to apply it manually. We recommend you to do so before you begin each job because then you will reduce the possibility of damaging your tool.

The maximum extension of the pole can reach up to 10-feet, which is one of the most extended reaches that you can find on the market. The center pole is removable that lets you handle most of the branches in your yard.


  • Immersive amount of power due to a 20V battery
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long pole reach
  • The battery is compatible with other Black & Decker tools
  • You will get storage bag within the package


  • Battery requires several hours to recharge completely

4. Sun Joe SWJ803E-RM

Last update on 2023-11-13

Sun Joe SWJ803E is one of the best pole saws that you can find on the market due to its surging power, durable construction, and consistent cutting quality. It comes with a durable structure that you will get for the budget-friendly price tag.

It includes a bar that you can adjust up to 7.2-feet in length, which is enough to handle most branches in your backyard. It is quite lightweight when compared with other pole saws, and you will get the combination of metal and plastic construction that will stand the test of time.

A great feature is multi-angle telescopic pole so that you can adjust it in multiple angles for additional versatility. Finally, you will be able to make more precise and cleaner cuts than before.

It features 8-amp, which is suitable for light-duty jobs around your household. This is great because you will be able to cut a variety of woods from different angles. They are noiseless and provide less vibration than gas-powered alternatives. That is the main reason for its popularity.


  • Ergonomic handles for additional comfort
  • Simple to handle and lightweight
  • Easy to start up
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Lubrication mechanism for simple maintenance


  • It is not for too thick branches

Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

5. Craftsman P205 Pole Saw

No products found.

The Craftsman P205 Pole Saw is a gas-powered 2-cycle chainsaw that gives you easy start-up and all the power you need to take care of tough jobs. This saw has a 7-foot extension pole, so you can tackle that taller limb with ease! With an 8-inch bar and chain ready for any job, this saw will have your backyard neat in minutes!


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Unique design for less fatigue and muscle strains
  • Sturdy and reliable pole
  • Powerful performance
  • Budget-friendly price tag


  • Too much noise

6. Maxtra 42.7CC

Last update on 2023-11-22

Even though the gas-powered tool is not as popular as before, they are essential if you have a heavy-duty assignment in front of you. If you want a professional-grade best gas saw, you should go for Maxtra 42.7CC.

This particular gas saw is the heaviest and longest one on the market, so we recommend you to purchase it only if you can handle it. It is quite reliable and robust when compared to other pole saws. It features a dual-cycle gas engine that will provide you an immersive amount of power.

The pole can extend up to 11.4-feet, which is one of the longest on the market. However, you should be cautious because it can be challenging to use it for a long time. It features a top-mounted handle so that you can manage it with ease. Due to an automatic lubrication system that includes an oil-level indicator, you will be able to run with efficiency.

The best thing about the engine is that it uses an air filter that reduces harmful emissions. You can quickly add a muffler shield for additional protection. It is quite bulky, and it weighs 21 pounds, so be careful while operating with it.


  • Long handle can reach up to 11.4-feet
  • You can break it down for transportation
  • Dual-stage motor increase overall durability
  • The air filter will extend motor’s life
  • It comes with a shoulder strap


  • It is difficult to control at full length

7. Poulan Pro 967089801

No products found.

Poulan Pro 967089801 is a reliable solution that will help you deal with the thickest branches in your yard. It features effortless pull starting so that you can reduce the hassle before starting the project.

It includes 28cc 2-stroke engine as well as an 8-inch bar that you can extend so that you can reach high branches. It features trimmer attachment and shoulder strap for additional convenience. You can choose six different attachments that will provide you better versatility than other pole saws on the market.

It weighs only 14 pounds, which is highly lightweight when compared with other gas-powered products. You will get a 2-year limited warranty from the moment you buy it, which is another proof that you will get a durable saw.


  • Simple to use
  • Powerful performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with six optional attachments


  • It doesn’t have angle adjustment

Best Cordless Pole Saws

8. Greenworks 20672

Last update on 2023-11-13

If you want to choose the best cordless product that features 40V lithium-ion battery, you should consider GreenWorks 20672. Apart from a powerful battery, it includes an 8-inch bar tensioning system that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to chain tightening.

You can easily extend shaft up to 8-feet, which is excellent when compared with other cordless saws. It contains an automatic oiling system and lightweight construction that weighs only 10 pounds.

The battery life is much better than other cordless models, and it can work up to an hour and a half, with a few hours of recharging. Due to the long reach, you can quickly cut through high branches without any additional problems. However, it is not suitable for thick wood, which means that it is best for household use.

The main disadvantage is the expensive price tag, which is a standard issue among high quality, battery-powered saws. It is an excellent alternative to gas-powered pole saws because it is lightweight and compact, but it cannot handle heavy-duty assignments.


  • Durable battery life that can work for an hour and a half
  • Automatic oiling system for convenient maintenance
  • Eight feet pole reach
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Expensive price tag

9. Greenworks PS80L210

Last update on 2023-11-13

If you want to find the perfect alternative to gas-powered pole saws, you have to consider GreenWorks PS80L210 electric tree pruner. It is one of the most potent and most appealing cordless models that will provide you an immersive amount of power.

It has excellent runtime and power, which is one of the highest on the cordless tools market. It features an electronic chain brake that you can find on most gas-powered saws and you will get the added safety and advantage during the performance.

It features an auto oiler that can equip 2 ounces of oil, and you will be able to see the level in the translucent window. It includes a metal handle that wraps around a chainsaw, that is why you will feel like operating with the heavy-duty gas model.

It contains an 18-inch bar that can make quick and precise cuts for most branches in your household. It works on 2.0Ah size, 80V Lithium-ion battery that will charge in 30 minutes with a rapid charger that you will get the package.

Overall, this is one of the best and most reliable battery-powered saws that will provide you the same amount of power as a heavy-duty.


  • Durable battery
  • Fast recharging in 30 minutes
  • The 18-inch bar can cut through anything
  • Auto-oiler
  • Metal handle for additional durability


  • Expensive

10. Oregon Cordless PS250

Last update on 2023-11-13

Oregon Cordless PS250 cordless tree trimmer is an excellent combination of superior performance and sleek design. It contains attractive red and black design and a wide array of features that you won’t find on other cordless pole saws.

It is quite portable and lightweight which is great because you will be able to use it for extended periods. When you fully extend it, it can quickly reach up to 15-feet. The adjustable shaft includes high-quality fiberglass that is both flexible and durable at the same time.

It features a mid-shaft mounted engine, which is great because it will distribute the weight evenly and provide you perfect balance during the operation. It works on 4.0Ah, 40V Lithium-ion battery.

According to users, it has a long battery life that will make up to 500 cuts in a single charge. That is the main reason for its popularity. It features an anti-vibration mechanism due to fiberglass material that will absorb shock and deliver a smooth and comfortable experience.

The main disadvantage of this particular saw is the high price. When we compare it with other cordless models, it is quite expensive, but you will still get a wide array of features that will stand the test of time.


  • It has maximum reach up to 15-feet
  • Automatic oiler with oil level indicator
  • Great battery life
  • Mid-shaft mounted engine for well-balanced performance
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey

11. Poulan Pro 967044201

Last update on 2023-11-22

We have all heard about Poulan Pro and the brand that manufacturers the best power tools on the market. Poulan Pro 967044201 is everything you need for all running, cutting, and trimming needs that you want to accomplish in your household.

It contains 40V lithium-ion battery that will provide you enough power to handle small to medium-duty assignments. You can easily extend the pole up to 8 feet in reach, which is an excellent solution when compared with other pole saws on the market.

Starting it with a single touch of the button is simple. This is amazing because you will reduce the time of pre-maintenance, which is the hassle among gas-powered tools. It also features ergonomic design such as an over-mold grip handle for overall operator control and additional comfort.

The front adjust chain tensioning system is more convenient because the chain cannot lose during the operation. The automatic oil will keep the chain running smoothly, and you will have oil indicators that will tell you when it is time to refill it.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to assemble
  • Powerful performance
  • Well balanced
  • Great battery charge


  • It is not for heavy-duty cutting

12. Greenworks PS80L00

Last update on 2023-11-13

If you want to find the best pole saw that would help you deal with light-duty assignments around your household, you should consider GreenWorks PS80L00. It features a 10-inch bar and chain so that you can quickly cut through limbs and branches around your yard.

The best thing about it is the brushless motor that will deliver faster-cutting performance, save more power during the operation, and provide you 30% more torque than other products on the market. Brushless motors are high because it increases the overall durability, which is why high-end models have them.

Automatic oiler will apply oil to chain and bar so that you can enjoy an extended life of the chain and improved durability. You can also always check an oil level due to the translucent oil tank. It features 80V lithium-ion battery system that is compatible with other GreenWork tools.

The ergonomic features are also important because it will reduce muscle fatigue and increase the cutting time. It is quite lightweight and compact when compared with other cordless saws, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.


  • Automatic oiler with transparent oil tank
  • 10-inch bar and chain
  • Brushless engine for more torque and better performance
  • Durable construction
  • The battery is compatible with other GreenWork tools


  • You won’t get the battery within the package


We have presented you with a thorough buying guide and review of the best pole saws that you can find on the market. Choosing the tree pruning chainsaw requires prior knowledge and research because you will have to spare a small fortune to get them.

Every investment must pay itself off, and you will be able to do so by rereading the buying guide. The buying guide is essential because it will help you understand specifications so that you can thoroughly analyze the telescoping electric pole chain saw you want to buy. Finally, the most important thing is to make a quality purchase.

  • Electric – If you want to choose the most potent electric product, we recommend you to consider Remington RM1025P. It contains immersive power, the possibility to get an alternative to the gas saw, and what is most important it is lightweight so you can use it for a long time.
  • Gas-Powered – the best solution that you can find is Maxtra 42.7CC. The main problem is that you have to be experienced before you choose it because it is difficult to handle it without experience.
  • Cordless – The best alternative to gas-powered models when it comes to performance is GreenWorks PS80L210. It features a similar design, amount of power, and the possibility to use it for thickest branches without any additional hassle.

If you have anything to ask us, feel free to comment in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice.

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