Those who don’t own a house with a yard may not be familiar with how difficult it is to keep it looking neat. A yard is especially hard to clean during the autumn season when dry leaves begin to fall, or in spring when there is a lot of thatch. For centuries, people used rakes to clean their properties, however new technology introduced sweepers that complete these tasks much faster.

11 Best Rated Lawn Sweepers

Last update on 2022-05-20

The best lawn sweeper is one that will save you most time and money in the long run. There are many ways to save money with a machine that sweeps your yard, and the models that don’t require electricity are the most popular ones for this purpose. There are two types of such devices: tow behind and push.

The tow behind models are heavier and can collect more than the push models. A good push yard sweeper must be light enough for about anyone to maneuver. Regardless of how its operation method, a grass sweeper should be able to collect not only fallen leaves, but grass clippings, pine cones and needles, as well as other type of debris.

Most machines are made to be used of a flat surface, but some can be used on uneven terrain as well. For best results, most owners will either drive or walk slower than usual if their lawn is more bumpy. Some cheaper models won’t even deliver the same performance unless the user manoeuvres them slower.

No matter the model, the bag in which everything is collected must be of a high quality fabric so it won’t break under the weight of the debris. Some of the hoppers have a reinforced bottom,
others are made of mesh to allow the wind through, and therefore helping the leaves stay in the bag instead of being pushed to the sides and out. Speaking of wind, users should avoid sweeping their lawns on windy days.

As mentioned earlier, in spring many gardens are covered with dead and pressed grass called thatch. This matter is difficult to remove and generally must be dethatched and then collected, resulting in 2 time consuming and tiring actions.

If you want to get it done in one go, make sure to buy a sweeper that allows a dethatcher attached to it – and a few of the models presented below offer this feature. Reading the yard sweeper reviews can help you determine if the product will deliver a high performance, helping you to purchase the right one for your needs.

Many folks owning a yard consider getting a lawn mower sweeper to save both money and time. While these products do work, not everyone is equally satisfied with the results. Sometimes this has to do with the design of the tow behind grass catcher itself.

You should know that the best lawn sweeper must be easy to assemble and use. The models that tow behind a tractor should have connecting parts compatible with all tractors and even ATV or UTV vehicles. These models are best used outdoors while the ones designed for pushing can also be used in large indoor spaces, such as garages or some industrial places.

Let’s have a look at a selection of the best yard sweepers you can currently find on the market, as well as reasons to buy them or not.

1. Best Small Lawn Sweeper: Brinly STS-427LXH

Last update on 2022-05-20

With a capacity of about 560 liters, the Brinly STS-427LXH Lawn Sweeper is smaller than other models presented below. To make up for it, it has 6 high speed brushes to ensure no debris is missed. Not only can you remove leaves, pine needles and cut grass, but also thatch once you dethatch the lawn.

The hopper of this product has a bit of a cover to prevent the waste from flying out of it. This is particularly useful on days with a bit of a breeze. Not all the lawn sweeper models available or presented here have this feature.

Most similar products have a decent performance on uneven ground, however this one does a much better job because of its brushes and adjustable height feature. Should you not be happy with the product, you can take advantage of the 2 year warranty.

While the manufacturer doesn’t recommend towing this product behind an ATV or UTV, one can do it as long as they drive not higher than 5 mph. Future customers should also know this sweeper will only work on dry grass.


  • Works on uneven terrain
  • 2 years warranty
  • Adjustable height


  • Doesn’t work on wet grass
  • Plastic wheels with no grip

2. John Deere Lawn Sweeper

Last update on 2022-05-19

The John Deere lawn sweeper is seen as the best pull behind lawn sweeper on the market, with clients saying they used one for about a decade. Given its long lifespan and hopper capacity of 670 liters, you can easily see why many think this is one of the heavy duty yard sweepers you should consider getting.

Its brushes are strong and they can collect grass clippings as well as other type of waste off your lawn. Other users said they at times needed spare parts especially the main sprocket gear that’s made of brass. Luckily, no matter which parts you need replaced, they’re pretty easy to find. The other sprocket gears are made of high quality plastic and thy hold up well.

Compared to the previous model, the John Deere garden sweeper seems to have a much taller back part, but it’s not. This item also has a small cover to prevent dry and light matter from flying out. Its wheels are made of rubber for an improve traction on grass and other surfaces.


  • 42 inches wide sweeping path
  • High quality plastic sprocket gears
  • Good wheels


  • The price tag
  • The main sprocket gear needs often replacement

3. Agri-Fab 45-0492

Last update on 2022-05-20

If you want to do 2 things at once, this product might help as it can cut and sweep at the same time, thus saving you some time. You can collect up to 700 liters of waste to fill the bag of this product. Once full, you can use the lever to empty it. Since you must tow this lawn sweeper behind a tractor to operate it, and the lever can also be used while still sitting on the tractor, a feature many people are searching for.

Some people have a hard time dethatching their property, but with the Agri-Fab 45-0492 this task is easy. For this purpose, all you have to do is to attach the special accessory in front of the sweeper and start using it.

Unlike the previous 2 models, this one has a hopper made of mesh. This means the wind can pass through easier, and the leaves have a higher chance of getting trapped in it. As such, this product has a really small cover.

The main issue other users had with this item was putting it together as the instructions are bad.

There are also reports on how various bars of the sweeper just bent and eventually broke, so these are some things to keep in mind.


  • Foldable
  • Cuts and sweeps in one go
  • Can be used for dethatching


  • Not cheap
  • Wrong assembly instructions

4. Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA

Last update on 2022-05-20

The lawn sweeper designed by Yard Tuff can be towed behind several types of vehicles designed for lawn use, thanks to its universal pin-style hitch. The sweeper has a bag with a capacity of about 368 liters that can be emptied without getting down from your vehicle. The hopper is made of mesh but it also has a cover on top to help with trapping the leaves.

This product was designed to collect a wide variety of debris from your property, including pine needles and litter. Many lawn owners are interested in buying a product that can remove the pine needles. Other models are heavier than this one, but weight is not an important factor when it comes to the results.

The major complaint regarding this product was not related to its performance, but to putting the various parts together. The instructions seem to be for another product as they don’t match the received pieces.


  • 42 inch wide
  •  Foldable


  • Poor instructions
  • Pieces might be missing

5. Ohio Steel 50SWP26

Last update on 2022-05-20

This sweeper is the type that attaches to most lawn mowers that can be ridden. It’s a large machine and therefore better suited for wide spaces. While it’s best to use it on a flat lawn, other
owners said they used it on bumpier ground as well, but at a really slow speed so keep this in mind before purchasing.

Its height is adjustable, like with most other similar models. This feature allows the user to collect really small waste as well, such as cut grass. With a capacity of about 736 liters, it’s clear it might take a while for the hopper to fill, depending on the amount of debris to collect.

Due to its size, the bag might drag on the ground. This happens especially if it’s full. This is a big problem because the material can tear faster this way. The shape of the bag indicates that most of the collected waste will stay inside the bag during use.


  •  Adjustable height
  •  Collects most type of waste
  •  50 inch wide


  • Expensive

6. Agri-Fab 45-0522

Last update on 2022-05-20

This yard lawn sweeper is perfect for those who don’t want the dust or dry leaves flying in their face, as it needs to be pulled behind the operator. The main disadvantage is that it must be pulled by a tractor. Luckily, one can attach this sweeper to any tractor as it has universal hitches.

This machinery is recommended for spring when you want to dethatch everything that compacted in winter. For this purpose you’ll need to also attach a tine dethatcher in front of the
sweeper. The tine dethatcher is also recommended for when you want to remove any pine straws on your lawn.

Its hopper is rather big however the material is of poor quality. Its frame is rather sturdy though. One of the best features about it is that it can be emptied without the driver getting down from the tractor, as long as there’s a designated place to do so.


  • Large hooper
  • Good for dethatching
  • Can be emptied from driver’s seat


  • Has plastic parts
  • The price

7. Agri-Fab 45-0218

Last update on 2022-05-20

The Agri-Fab 45-0218 is what you should consider getting if you want a pine needle sweeper. You can collect almost anything in every season except winter. Most owners use the machine to
collect the dead leaves and grass clippings, though pine cones and needles are also cleared should they be in its path.

You can even adjust its height for a better sweep, which many people see as an advantage. The lowest setting s for use on hard surfaces such as driveways. You have to pay attention to only use it if you have a flat and even lawn or else the results are poor.

Some of the customers said this sweeper has a weak construction. The manufacturer warns that the results won’t be the same if the leaves are wet. They also recommend it for those with
smaller lawns.


  • It folds
  • Can be hung when stored
  • Adjustable height


  • The price tag
  • Must be used on flat, even surface

8. Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper

No products found.

Agri-Fab suggests a foldable sweeper for your lawn that comes with a warranty for 3 years. The brush of this sweeper is 26 inch long and the distance from one wheel to the other is 33 inches. The collection bag has a capacity of 200 liters though some people still found it small but, it can be emptied easily.

This machine can collect just about any type of waste from your lawn and it can be used on hard surfaces as well. The sweeper collects the leaves and twigs really well, but of course you’ll have to empty it a few times depending on how much you need to clean. People with a dust allergy should either not use it or wear a mask for protection. Pushing this sweeper rather than pulling it can cause dust to fly in their faces.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Large wheels
  • 3 years warranty


  • More pricey
  • You could breathe in dust

Best outdoor push sweeper

If you don’t have a big lawn or you need to sweep a large covered area, perhaps these next sweepers would be a better choice for you. One major advantage of these next models is that no
dust escapes.

9. Karcher S650

Last update on 2022-05-20

Cleaning spaces fast is what the Karcher S650 Push Sweeper is made for as it can cover up to 19,000 square feet in an hour. You can use this sweeper on any flat outdoor surface, as well as garages as well as any other large space.

You don’t need electricity to operate this lawn sweeper which is a big advantage for many people. The container is rather small at a capacity of 4.2 gallons or 16 liters. Although this bin is on the small side, it can easily be removed and emptied. The one operating the device doesn’t even come in contact with any dirt during the cleaning process.

Other advantages of this product are its vertical storage option, its adjustable handle and that it can be used on uneven surfaces as well. One must pay attention to sweep only on hard surfaces. Those needing to clear pine needles should seek another solution as this item can’t catch them.


  • Can be stored in a vertical position
  • Adjustable handle


  • Doesn’t collect pine needles

11. Haaga 475

Last update on 2022-05-20

This sweeper consumes no electricity and this is great for those who worry about the environment and their budget. While its description mentions it collects both dry and wet debris, it’s better to use it on dry matter as the anything wet can stick to various inner parts. For best results, future owners are advised to use this sweeper on hard surfaces, both indoor and outdoor while walking slowly. Using it on other type of surfaces, such as the lawn or commercial carpets will be more difficult and the results will be less satisfactory. A fast pace means some of the waste will be skipped or thrown sideways. Some people also mention that the item makes quite a lot of dust.

The dirt gets collected in the sweeper’s container that has a capacity of 50 liters. This product has 3 brushes, and two of them are in the front and rotate in opposite directions to catch the dirt in the middle. That’s where a 3rd brush ensures the debris is deposited in the container.


  • 4 years warranty for brushes
  • 2 years overall warranty
  • No electricity consumption


  • The price tag
  • Made of plastic

12. Hoover L1405

Last update on 2022-05-20

If you have a variety of things to remove from your property, this sweeper might be something to consider. You can remove cut grass and fallen leaves, sand and rocks, metal fillings, as well as several other items that litter your driveway, patio or sidewalk. Be warned that it works best on a flat surface and the results on an indoor/outdoor carpet are not so impressive.

You can adjust the height of the brush to make sure you clean the area as much as possible. Even its ergonomic handle can have its height adjusted for an easier operation. While these adjustments sound nice, the fact that this sweeper makes no pollution is even better. Of course you’ll have to experiment a bit before figuring out the best height for the area you need to be cleaned. This is a motorless outdoor push sweeper, therefore it’s not noisy and consumes no energy.

There’s also no air pollution caused by this product. All these aspects can have another great advantage: you save some money.


  • Cordless
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not good with corners
  • Not very good on grass

Last Words

It’s easy to see there are many tools you can use if you need to take care of a yard. Any of the presented products will help you save both time and money, while also protecting your health. You save money by not paying someone else to clean your garden, and having less expenses for electricity. You save time because these tools collect more matter at once when compared to a regular broom or rake. You will also not get tired as fast or suffer from back pains.

While these products might seem expensive at first sight, they can be used for years to come so they can be considered an investment. No matter which type you prefer, any of these tools are reliable and generally easy to use, especially by those with a large property that requires constant maintenance.

Hopefully this presentation helps you see the similarities and differences between the various models of best lawn sweepers. Many folks using these models are happy with how fast, convenient and pleasant their yard cleaning became.

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