The best hose-end sprayer is one of the must-have tools for every gardener. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the right sprayer makes it easier to maintain a healthy garden and provide tender loving care to your plants.

A hose-end sprayer has a canister connected to a garden hose. This canister contains the chemicals that you can use as fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide, among others. The sprayer will siphon the chemicals out of the canister and release it through tiny mists of water directed to plants.

For the uninitiated, almost all hose-end sprayers look the same. Truth is, they are different in many ways, such as the construction of the fingertip control and the nozzle. If you need help looking for a hose sprayer attachment, read on and we’ll share some of the best products to consider.

Types of Hose-End Sprayer

Not all hose-end sprayers are created the same. They are different in terms of design. Here are some of the most common types you will currently find in the market.

Fixed-Rate Hose-End Sprayer

With this type, the nozzle attached to the container is in a fixed position. Meaning, you cannot control the amount of the chemicals that the nozzle siphons out of the canister.

Adjustable-Rate Hose-End Sprayer

This is also called a dial sprayer. It has a built-in dial that offers an option to control the chemical you will use when spraying plants.

How to Use Hose-End Sprayer


Our Top Сhoices for the Best Hose-End Sprayer

Clueless about the garden hose chemical sprayer to buy? To help you narrow down the possibilities, below are some products that should be on your radar.

Last update on 2024-06-22

1. Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II Multi-Ration Spray Gun

Last update on 2024-06-22

Smarter and faster cleaning will be possible with the Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II. However, unlike most of the options included in our recommendations, this is not commonly used for gardening but cleaning. When you engage the trigger, it will produce foam that you can use for cleaning cars and windows, among others.

This sprayer from Gilmour is designed to withstand the test of time. With its high-quality components, such as the brass fittings, you can expect it to be durable. Plus, it also has great chemical resistance.

Ease of use is another good thing about this sprayer. It has a user-friendly design, making it straightforward to operate. Although, some people did not like how the opening of the canister is quite narrow, making it difficult to fill.

You will also love the versatility of this sprayer. There is a convenient dial setting, which will let you choose the concentration of the chemicals to use depending on the job. Under the A setting, the sprayer will release the lowest concentration. On the other hand, the E setting will release the highest concentration.

The shape of the handle is also notable. It has an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold, even for a long time. It does not require a lot of effort to press the trigger, so your comfort is a sure thing. Unlike others, it won’t put unnecessary strain on your hand.

Lastly, the Gilmour Cleaning Sprayer Foamaster II is backed by a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. This is a testament to how confident the manufacturer is regarding the quality of this product.


  • Chemical-resistant construction
  • Fitted with high-quality brass connectors
  • Universal compatibility with any garden hose


  • Bottle opening is a bit narrow
  • Does not come with volume markers

2. Gilmour 875084-1001 Foamaster Single Ratio Sprayer Nozzle

Last update on 2024-06-22

The Gilmore 875084-1001 Foamaster is from the same manufacturer as the product mentioned above. It is also more commonly used in cleaning applications instead of gardening.

This versatile sprayer comes with a wide mouth, which makes it effortless to fill with water. The opening is wider compared to the Foamaster II, which was mentioned above. This will also prevent you from spilling chemicals when you transfer it to the canister.

Unlike the products that we will review below, it is a foaming machine that you will attach to a garden hose. There is an attachment that will allow the nozzle to create thick foam from the mixture of soap and water. From washing cars to cleaning glass windows, this will come handy.

Based on the recommendations from the manufacturer, the mixing ratio should be four ounces of chemicals for every gallon of water. This is economical since you won’t be using a lot of chemicals.

Another compelling reason to choose this sprayer is the lifetime warranty that the manufacturer offers.


  • Great foaming mechanism
  • Has a wide and easy to fill mouth
  • Comfortable handle


  • Adjustable screws easily disintegrate
  • Easily prone to clogging

3. Chapin International G390 Hose End Sprayer

Last update on 2024-06-22

The Chapin International G390 is one of the most affordable options on our list, making it a great choice if you are budget conscious. Despite being affordable, this hose end tree sprayer is packed with features you will love.

Aside from its price, another thing that we love is its versatility. Regardless of the type of fertilizer or weed killer you will be using, this will be a handy gardening tool. You can also fit it with any hose end.

You will also love the durable construction of this sprayer. The polyethylene construction promises long-term functionality. It can resist chemicals and rust, among other elements that can speed up wear.

Even if you will be working in a large area, this is an effective product for your gardening needs. It has a fan-spray nozzle to improve its coverage and generate a continuous stream of water for direct application.

For ease of use, it comes with fingertip control. The handle also comes with an ergonomic design, promising the best when it comes to your comfort.

The anti-siphon feature is another innovative feature you will find in this product. It will prevent backflow and leak.

At its size, you can deliver up to 20 gallons of mixed spray. This is good enough even for a large garden. This means that you won’t need to frequently refill the canister with chemicals.


  • Affordable
  • Removable fan spray for large coverage
  • Ergonomic fingertip control


  • Exterior finish easily fades
  • Can be tricky to detach the nozzle

4. Chapin International G362 All-Purpose Hose End Sprayer

Last update on 2024-06-22

From the same manufacturer as the product mentioned above, the Chapin International G362 has universal compatibility. It fits different kinds of garden hoses.

This dial sprayer offers up to 16 mixing ratios. You will be in full control of the chemical mix. There is a convenient metering dial, making it easy to adjust the chemical and water mixture depending on what you need for a specific application.

It is also a good thing that you do not need to continuously refill the chemical in the canister. Once it is full and with a continuous water supply, the hose-end sprayer can generate a steady liquid stream of up to 100 gallons.

Compared to most of its competitors, one of the unique features that you will find in this product is the built-in filter. This will help in screening dirt and debris. It also prevents clogging in the nozzle.

There is also a built-in anti-siphon feature, which will prevent backflow. This will prevent water from flowing in the reverse direction. Despite this, some users noted that it can be prone to leaking. To prevent the latter, make sure that all connections are tight and sealed.

Simplicity is another asset of the Chapin G362 hose-end sprayer. All that you need to do is to fill, set, and spray. Even if you are a novice gardener, things don’t have to be complicated for you.

If you want to customize the spraying patterns, you can do so with the use of this lawn hose sprayer. It comes with a built-in deflector. Twist the deflector and the spray pattern will change.

One of the possible problems with this sprayer is that it comes with a top-heavy construction. The handle and the nozzle combined can easily knock down the canister. This means that it will be hard for the sprayer to stand by itself without liquid.


  • Fits into any hose
  • Generates up to 100 gallons of finished spray
  • Affordable


  • Handle can be prone to leakage
  • Top-heavy design

5. RL FLOMASTER 36HE6 Chameleon Hose-End Sprayer

Last update on 2024-06-22

Those who are looking for budget-friendly hose sprayers will be happy with RL Flomaster 36HE6. This is one of the most affordable options you will find on the market. If you are a casual gardener, this will be more than enough for your needs. If you are a professional, however, this can be a disappointment.

Given its price, it is not the most durable of the products included in our list. A lot of its users expressed their concern over the flimsy plastic construction. This may not withstand wear, so keep your expectations low.

Another problem with this model is the design of the trigger. It is quite awkward to hold, especially if you have a large hand. It is too straight and can be tricky to operate.

This model comes with three spraying patterns, making it a great choice if versatility is what you are after. You can choose the fan spray pattern if your goal is to cover all areas quickly and evenly. Meanwhile, the spray stream pattern is when you would like to target only a specific portion. On the other hand, the cone spray pattern is great for canopy.

Lastly, this sprayer comes with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer. Nonetheless, if you are looking for one that comes with a lifetime warranty, the sprayers from Gilmour earlier mentioned will make great options.


  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-adjust spray pattern
  • Includes a quick-connect attachment


  • Spray lacks pressure
  • Uncomfortable trigger

6. Ortho 0841010 Dial n Spray Hose End Sprayer

Last update on 2024-06-22

With the Ortho 0841010 Dial n Spray, you can enjoy a lightweight sprayer that will be easy to hold, even for an extended time. To make it even more comfortable to use, it comes with an extended grip design. This will help in keeping your hand dry during chemical applications.

The versatility of this product is another reason why it is among the best gallon hose end sprayers. It comes with an adjustable spray pattern so that you can customize the liquid stream depending on the intended application. Choose from shower, fan, or jet based on what the job requires.

One more thing that makes this versatile is the presence of 14 mixing ratios. Regardless of the herbicide or pesticide that you are using, you can do different mixes. There is a convenient dial that will make it effortless to change the mixing ratio.

Another thing that makes this a versatile product is the fact that you can use it in two ways. You can attach it to a spray jug or the concentrate bottles from Ortho. The direct-connect design means that there is no more need to transfer the chemicals into a canister as long as the chemicals are also from Ortho.

The build quality is also great. It is made of plastic, but that should not be a concern. It is durable, so you can expect it to withstand wear. Even if the sprayer is not metal, it demonstrates exceptional strength.

Lastly, you will also have peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer covers this product for ten years.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multiple dial settings
  • Comfortable grip


  • Limited stream distance
  • Prone to leaking

7. Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

Last update on 2024-06-22

Wrapping up our list is Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer, a product known for being affordable. This is proof that you do not need to spend a lot to enjoy good quality in your gardening tools.

Looking at its features, one thing we love is the thick polyurethane container. With its construction, you can expect that it will withstand the test of time. It also has a clear body, which means that you can easily monitor the chemicals.

Depending on the chemical used or the specific application, it can spray a total of up to 20 gallons. You can do this without refilling the chemical in the container.

This product comes with three spray settings – on, off, and water only. However, this is quite inferior compared to others. In other products, the spray settings include different patterns.

One of the biggest issues that you will find in this product that it can be prone to jams and clogs. In many instances, you might end up frustrated when the trigger is stuck or when the nozzle does not spray water properly.


  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Offers three spray settings
  • Thick canister


  • Easily clogs
  • Suction power can be better

How to Choose the Best Hose-End Sprayer

The options for hose-end sprayers can be overwhelming, but do not see this as an excuse to pick just any product. Below are some of the important considerations when comparing your choices.


Make sure that the sprayer is compatible with the hose that you will be using in your garden. Look at the diameter of the hose opening and the part at which you will connect it to the sprayer. The connection fittings must be compatible.

Today, however, you will find versatile hose end sprayers. Connection adapters are included, allowing the sprayer to fit different hose sizes.


Do you have a small or large garden? Are you going to use the sprayer as a casual gardener or as a pro? The answer to these questions will help you decide on the capacity most suitable for your needs.

Check how much the canister can hold. This can range from one quart to up to four gallons, depending on the product you will choose. For small gardens, small canisters will be enough. For larger gardens, choose a bigger container. Otherwise, you will find yourself refilling chemicals often, which can be quite a hassle.


No one wants a hose sprayer that won’t last long, right? It will be a waste of money if it has parts easily prone to wear. So, consider the overall construction to ensure durability.

Find a tank using a thick but lightweight material. Take note that you will be filling it with chemicals, so the material must not easily deteriorate.

The seals should also be strong enough to prevent leaking.

Another important part of the sprayer is the trigger, which is what you will use to control the liquid that comes out of the nozzle. Plastic and metal are common materials. Look for long-lasting materials that resist rust and corrosion, among other possible damages.


The pressure of the sprayer is important as it dictates the stream of the water. This will dictate how far the water will go after spraying.

In most models, the spray distance will vary from 10 to 30 feet. If you have a small garden, you can work even with a weak stream or low pressure. All that you need to do is to be close to the plants when spraying.

Spray Settings

When choosing a hose-end sprayer, versatility should be one of your most important concerns. Pick a versatile tool, which you can use in multiple applications. This way, whatever you choose can offer the best bang for the buck.

A good sprayer will offer different patterns when spraying the chemical and water mixture in plants. The pattern refers to how the liquid will come out of the nozzle. It can come out like rain or as a single stream directed to a specific portion of the plant.


Spraying plants with fertilizers or pesticides is not one thing that you can do quickly, especially if you have a large garden. The chemical sprayer hose attachment should be lightweight, making it comfortable to use even for a long time.

The weight of the sprayer, however, does not solely rely on the construction of its components. Take note that you will fill the canister with chemicals. The quantity of the chemicals you will add in the canister will directly impact weight.

Mixing Ratio

This refers to the exact quantity of the chemical that mixes with water when spraying. This is the dilution rate.

The right choice for the mixing ratio will depend on the fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or any other product that you are using. In most cases, the mixing ratio is anywhere from 8 to 16.

If you are looking for versatility, then pick one that can offer an adjustable mixing ratio. These models come with a dial, which will adjust the dilution rate depending on your needs.

Care and Maintenance

Most high-quality hose-end sprayers will last a long time. However, this will depend on the overall construction, and more importantly, the effort that you will exert when it comes to care and maintenance.

The sprayer must be easy to clean. Residues can be stuck in the nozzle, so see to it that you clean it properly to maintain the sprayer’s peak performance.


This is an important concern if you want to have peace of mind. Especially if the product is expensive, it should have extended warranty coverage. During the warranty, it will be covered by the manufacturer against problems in craftsmanship. They can offer either free repair or replacement, depending on the terms.

From our recommendations above, you can see some products with a ten-year warranty while there are also others with a lifetime-warranty. This way, you can be confident that you can rely on the support of the manufacturer in case the sprayer becomes defective.


A hose-end sprayer will siphon chemicals out of a canister, mix it with water, and release it through the spray nozzle. From pesticides to fertilizers, it is a crucial tool amongst gardeners. To help you find the best hose-end sprayer in the market, consider our recommendations above and you can’t go wrong!


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