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Best Fertilizer Spreaders Money Can Buy: An Informative Guide

A seed spreader can help you have the front yard of your dreams, with lush green grass. There are many models of such gardening items out there, and not all of them are fit for all yards or people.

Top Rated 13 Ferilizer Spreaders

There are generally 2 types, based on how they sprinkle seeds: drop and broadcasting models. Based on how they’re operated, we can find 3 types: handheld, push and pulled by a tractor. Clearly, each model is good for different things and therefore has a different design.

You’ll want to use a drop model when you have a small area to cover or when you want to be precise. You want to broadcast in a complete opposite situation. The operation method is the second criteria most folks base their choice upon, and it usually depends on their preferences or health status.

Most lawn fertilizer spreaders are supposed to work not only with seeds, but ice melters or fertilizers as well. No matter the design, they’re meant to be used with granular matter. Be careful though because not all seeds have the same size. This means that using the product for grains that are too small or over a certain size will not work as expected. You’ll either waste the seed or ruin your spreader.

A good broadcasting product  can be used for seed, fertilizer and even for sprinkling ice melting products when needed. Most manufacturers mention if their product handles these tasks or not. Sometimes, you can use an item to sprinkle your property with any granular matter, and usually there are settings to apply based on the size of the granules.

Those who are new to gardening might not know that a tow behind or a pushing spreader is not the best rotary spreader to buy. This is because the barrel with seeds is too close to the ground, therefore the covered area is smaller than a hand held broadcast model.

It’s very possible that not even the spreaders buyers describe as “the best”, will be able to help disperse compost type of fertilizer. This is only because most fertilizers made from compost don’t have a granular form.

Many people think that a good drop yard spreader will have 3 or 4 adjustable holes on the bottom as well as an agitator. This piece of machinery is helpful when there’s little product left in the hopper as to avoid waste.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Spreader

The Scotts Turf Builder mini push fertilizer spreader features the EdgeGuard Technology, which allows it to spread fertilizer more effectively and cover a wider area of your garden. Although small compared to similar devices and measuring 16 x 20 x 45.2 inches, the machine covers up to 5000 square feet of surface. This device does not need any assembly and is ready to be used out of the package.

Weighing in at 3.8 pounds, this walk-behind spreader makes it easy to reach any spot, including curved and wooded areas. You can control the coverage amount or block it from spreading on the sides at any time by adjusting the control panel. This mini spreader  is suitable for fertilizer and seed spreading during summer or fall, but is not recommended for salt spreading in winter as it might get damaged.

Although compact, some previous customers found this item to be easily breakable and form clumps of product resulting in burned spots on the covered area. The handler might also be a little too short for taller people.


  • No assembly needed
  • Settings panel on the product
  • Lightweight


  • Not for salt or ice melter

2. Scotts Handy Green II Spreader

The Scotts Handy Green is a fertilizer spreader that delivers good performance on small yards. Fully assembled out of the package, this rust proof device can be used as soon as you open the box. The machine is hand held and has an ergonomic design which prevents your hands from getting tired while using fertilizer and seeds.

While the Scotts Handy Green machine is ideal for spring and fall use, it can also be used to spread ice melt in winter. The spreader covers up to 1,000 square feet and weighs only 1.1 pounds, which makes it ideal to use on the go.

However, previous shoppers reported product leakage into the gearbox, which caused the gears to stop functioning. The device has a compact design but is not as sturdy compared to similar spreaders which makes it easier to break.

You can easily adjust the settings you need directly from the panel, and the spreader includes instructions for easier use. It’s recommended not to overfill its hopper.


  • No assembly needed
  • Broadcasts


  • Product to spread can leak into the gears

3. Scotts Wizz Spreader

If you need a year round spreader, check out the Scotts Wizz device. The spreader is hand-held which makes it easy to use and convenient for the coverage of small areas up to 2,500 square feet. The device is suitable for spreading of seeds, fertilizer, but also ice melt.

The spreader is battery powered, needing 4 AA batteries and has 23 different settings for better efficiency. Although the original batteries are not rechargeable, you can use your own when replacing them. Due to its EdgeGuard technology, the machine blocks the leakage of fertilizer to areas that aren’t needed. The item is user friendly and features an orange dial with settings you can adjust.

The suggested walking pace when using this spreader is 4 feet per second, and you will need to pull the trigger before starting to spread. The spreader weighs about 2.4 pounds so it is light enough to maneuver without the risk of wrist injury.

While some users mentioned the spreader can clog, this is generally not an issue when used accordingly to instructions.


  • 5 feed broadcast width
  • Edge guard


  • Needs batteries

4. Agri-Fab Tow Spreader

Here we selected what many people see as the best broadcast spreader, made by Agri-Fab. Its bucket has a capacity of 110 pounds and its spread has a 10 feet width. The item has an on and off switch that you can operate from your tractor’ seat. The task can be more difficult if the tractor is big.

You should know that just like with most similar models you can attach the current spreader to any tractor. What’s more, do expect to have to build it, though some customers received it already assembled. The instructions have well written descriptions of the illustrations, and with enough attention putting the pieces together shouldn’t take too long.

It’s recommended to wear some gloves when working in the garden. Luckily, you’ll receive your spreader with a sturdy glove. You should also make sure to lubricate the gears for a better performance and increased product lifespan.

The recommended speed for a good spread is 3 miles per hour. Given its size and operation, it’s a good fit for those who need to cover a large area.


  • Comes with protective glove
  • Good instructions


  • Assembly needed

5. Titan Attachments Spreader

With a T-shaped handle and big wheels, the spreader designed by Titan Attachments is meant to be easy to push across any type of terrain. You can use the handle to change the height and flow for an even spread.

The product is meant to spread any type of material on your property, including ice melt and insecticides. This is why many customers labeled it as the best fertilizer spreader they owned. You can fill the hopper with up to 50 pounds of material.

Based on observation, the faster the user walks, the wider the covered area is. Some folks might be interested in a lid for the basket and this model doesn’t have one. Instead, it has a soft plastic cover, fitted with an elastic edge.

It is made of steel and durable plastic, therefore you can forget about damage caused by weather and humidity. Those who are interested in purchasing it should be prepared to figure out the assembling process as the instructions are not very helpful.


  • Adjustable height
  • Spreads any type of granulated  material


  • Assembly required
  • Poor assembling instructions

6. Scotts 75902 Elite Spreader

The spreader created by Scotts has many advantages, and the first you’ll notice is the smartphone holder on the ergonomic handle. Another selling point are its wheels because they’re filled with foam and this prevents them from going flat. There are reports that the Scotts Elite spreader is also easier to push.

The device can cover an area of up to 20,000 square feet, and the path covered is 6 feet wide. This means you’ll walk less than with other models. To achieve such performance, the manufacturers installed dual rotors which also increase the precision of the spread pattern.

As you suspect, you must build this machine, however other customers say that’s an easy task. The hopper has 4 holes in total but controlling them is not very easy. Make sure to fold this unit for storage purposes as it will take less space.

One last thing to keep in mind is that the wheels have a poor traction and therefore using the item on snow or ice will be difficult.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Smartphone holder
  • 6 feet wide spreading coverage
  • Easy to assemble


  • Requires assembling
  • Not the best drop spreade

7. Earthway 2150T Commercial Spreader

If you have a large area to spread with fertilizer or seeds, you might want to invest in one of the many tow broadcast spreaders available. With a hopper capacity of 50 pounds of material, you must tow Earthway 2150T behind a tractor to operate it. The wheels are 13 inches and high-flotation pneumatic stud type which makes them rotate better and easier.

The product has a handle that allows you to adjust the height in 3 positions, as to allow you to spread the product according to your needs. This machine has an extended tongue that can attach to any tractor.

A key feature for a long lasting product is the box enclosing the gears. There’s also a debris screen, the chassis is coated in heavy-duty Epoxy powder – all for an increased protection of the product.

The recommended speed is 3 or 4 miles per hour, if you want a decent spread. To ensure that the granulated matter spreads evenly, there are 3 holes at the bottom of the hopper.


  • 3-hole spread system
  • Adjustable height


  • Expensive
  • Assembly required

8. Solo 421 Spreader

If you have a small area to sprinkle seeds on, this device might be just what you need. With a 20 pounds of capacity, this model is designed to be carried on your shoulder. It has a cross body shoulder adjustable strap for comfort and spine protection.

There are several points where the strap can be attached. You could even attach a second one for a more even weight distribution.

The hopper sits quite high on the front of your body, and is thus equipped with a cover to protect you from the chemicals you might spread. The device has a large enough opening so that you can easily fill it with product or for cleaning purposes.

Most parts of the product are made of durable plastic, so you can be certain they won’t be affected by rust. The metal parts are made of stainless steel, thus they have a long lifespan. The best part is that its lever is within fingertip reach, making it very easy to adjust the flow and direction.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust


  • Not for those with a bad back

9. Lesco Spreader

Spreading granular matter on your property is really easy with this machine, especially if the land is flat. While you have to walk behind this drop spreader and push it, you’ll better see how much product you use and over what area. You can use this spreader for any granular matter you may need on your property, including salt, ice melter, fertilizers and various seeds.

With a capacity of 50 pounds, the hopper is decently big. However, some customers think it exceeds the needs most people have around their house, as it’s designed for industrial use.

Without proper protection or treatment many gardening tools would corrode. This one has a powder coated steel carbon frame, so the elements aren’t an issue. You should however oil the gears from time to time and store it somehow to be covered.

Like many other similar products, you also need to assemble this Lesco spreader. The instructions don’t have images, and you might have to read them a few times to properly understand them.


  • 50 pounds capacity
  • Bigger distance from ground than other similar models


  • Poor assembling instructions

10. Earthway 2750 Bag Spreader

No products found.

This Earthway product is not designed for very big yards, unless the surface makes it impossible to use a different kind of seed sprinkler. Using a bag to spread is not an innovation, and the hand-operated system attached to the bottom ensures you spread only where you need to, in an even layer.

To make things easier, this bag has adjustable straps and can only hold up to 25 pounds of seed. There’s also a zipper so you won’t worry about it spilling if you must set it down for some time. Make sure not to fill to the rim as you’ll have difficulties in zipping it up.

The item itself is not too heavy and can be used for many types of products as long as they have a granular format. If you have a weak back you might be better with a different product as this one must be carried on your shoulder.


  • Perfect for uneven terrain
  • Great control over the flow


  • Not for those with back problems

11. Earthway 2600A Plus Spreader

The walk behind fertilizer spreader sold by Earthway is designed for those who don’t mind working a bit more around their home. This model stands out with its system of 3 holes for dropping and its smaller design that can hold only 40 pounds of product to be spread. This dropping system design has a higher chance of a more even spread.

With a hopper this small, it’s easy to see that the product is designed for a smaller plot of land. The handle has a T shape making the device rather easy to operate as long as the land is not very bumpy. You can also use this product on snow as well, thanks to its 9” pneumatic tires.

The push design is an advantage because you can easily see when you need to refill the hopper. Your electricity bill will also not be affected since there is no engine or battery that needs it. The metal parts are specially treated as not to be affected by the weather and rust.

Some folks found the documentation of the product to be poor, and therefore assembling it lasted more than needed. You’ll also have to wear taller boots to avoid being splashed by whatever you spread.


  • You know when to refill
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not high capacity
  • Requires assembling

12. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Spreader

Agri-Fab suggests their spreader for those that don’t have a very big area to cover. The capacity of the product’s hopper is 130 pounds and this can cover about half an acre, depending on what you choose to spread as well as the walking speed.

When working with certain tools you may fear they’ll rust when not in use. The hopper of this device is made of a material that is not affected by humidity. Most of the metal parts are made of aluminum, which is not really affected by corrosion. The manufacturer provides an enclosure for the gearbox, for further protection against the elements.

Thanks to its pneumatic tires you can also use this drop spreader in winter right before the snow melts, to fertilise your plants. You should consider this product if protecting the environment is something you want to do because it uses only your energy and strength.

As expected, you must put this unit together before use. While you’ll receive all the parts, you won’t receive the tools to complete the job. Make sure to take the gearbox apart to grease it.


  • Pneumatic tires
  • Eco friendly


  • Needs assembling

13. Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 Spreader

Field Tuff has a spreader with a capacity of 125 pounds which translates to 16 gallons of product to spread, and a motor of 12 Volt DC. This motor has a speed of 570 rpm and it has a cover to protect it. One of the best feature about this garden spreader is that it can be attached to almost any tractor.

You can use it to spread many types of products over a large area in a short period of time. If you want to spread a certain amount of fertilizer or seeds you’re in luck because you can easily adjust the flow. Of course, you’ll need to try it a few times before finding the right setting which is something you’d do with many other similar products.

This product requires assembling and the instructions are not the most clear and should be read a few times beforehand. Some owners suggest identifying and separating the parts before starting to build it. Some folks might think the product doesn’t attach well to the tractor or ATV, and apparently some bungee ropes can help with this issue.

The biggest let-down of the unit is its motor as according to several buyers it’s not as powerful as they expected it to be.


  • Mounts on almost all tractors
  • Adjustable flow
  • Better for larger plots


  • Comes disassembled
  • Underpowered motor

Before You Go

It’s easy to see that choosing the best grass seed spreader depends greatly on the size of the area you want to use it and its purpose. Of course some models require more physical effort than others – such as the hand held and push ones. If you’re not careful enough, the tow behind designs might actually make lose time and money at times, in case you didn’t notice an empty hopper in time or the area covered is not the desired one.

Hopefully by reading more reviews and better analyzing your situation, you’ll be able to decide on a product on our list.

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