Do you love gardening? If you happen to be a gardening enthusiast, and love improving the overall landscape of your garden, the chances are that you will find a good quality of dump cart for garden tractors quite useful. A dump cart in your garden area can help in easing your overall work of landscaping and transporting essential garden items from one place to another. In simpler terms, it can help in carrying around the double load in one go without any hassle.

There are several potential benefits of using a dump cart for garden tractors in your garden area. If you are a pro at gardening, then you might experience lower back pain due to the constant workload. In such cases, a dump cart can be a great handy tool. Dump carts can help you to stay safe from severe back pain and muscle fatigue. The dump carts can be easily transported from one corner of the garden to another with the help of a lawn tractor or ATV units.

If you are looking forward to enhancing your overall performance in the garden, we will help you know about some of the best dump carts for garden tractors 2020. Go through our reviews of the best dump carts and their buying guide in detail.

Types of Dump Carts for Garden tractors

As a modern gardener, you will come across various types of the best dump cart for lawn tractor that enable you to move heavy loads from one place to another. There is a myriad of options while buying a dump cart –especially in terms of the overall design, size, and functionalities. Some of the common types are:

  • Poly Tub Dump Cart: For most gardeners, the poly tub dump cart model is the ideal option. It not only turns out to be one of the most affordable options out there, but also features top-grade design and material utilization for improved durability assurance. Moreover, this dump cart is waterproof and, therefore, can be easily used for transporting huge quantities of mud, gravel, and manure across your garden.
  • Plastic Tub Dump Cart: The dump carts that are made out of top-grade plastic materials are other great options for your garden. It is similar in appearance to that of the poly tub dump carts. However, plastic tub dump carts are highly affordable. At the same time, the overall design is quite lightweight. Therefore, it is a great option if you do not have to carry around heavy loads through your garden.
  • Steel Tub Dump Cart: These are the most durable versions of dump carts available out there. In comparison to other variants, these dump carts are the most expensive ones also. These are known to feature top-grade steel design along with the presence of additional specifications for the overall ease of use.
  • Structured Form Polymer Dump Cart: This variant of dump cart is characterized by the utilization of high-quality polymer materials for its construction. Polymer materials are known to feature low density, and are therefore, highly durable. There are several additional functionalities that come along with these carts.

Top 7 Editor’s Choice

Last update on 2023-11-20

7 Best-selling Dump Carts for Garden tractors

1. Agri-Fab 45-0101 Max Utility Dump Cart:

Last update on 2023-11-20

The innovative range of utility dump carts from Agri-Fab is the most useful line of dump carts out there known for its unique design and high-end specifications. This is because it is easily converted from a push cart to a tow cart within seconds. The cart is known to measure 8 cubic feet while resting on the spacious 14X4 pneumatic, ribbed wheels featuring a diameter axle of 5/8 inch.

The overall weight of the cart is 66 pounds and is capable of loading around 750 pounds of total weight. The dump cart also comes with a highly durable poly finish. The unique feature of this model is that it provides an extra hand to the individuals having a large area or property to cover. This is because it can be easily tagged along due to its low towage.

  • The steel frame of the cart supports a load of around 750 pounds. Easy to transport manure, concrete, yard waste, and garbage.
  • Versatile design allows for multiple functionalities.
  • Wider handle for the ease of pulling and pushing.


  • The cart grooves on the ground, collecting debris.
  • Slightly heavier model.

2. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

Featuring an impressive hauling capacity of around 15 cubic feet, the heavy-duty utility cart is your must-have garden accessory. At the same time, the utility cart is also capable of supporting the maximum load capacity of around 1500 pounds. With this appliance in your garden, the overall task of landscaping and gardening becomes a seamless task.

The cart is also known to feature the advanced quick release latch for the overall ease of unloading. Moreover, the cart comes with a built-in title lawn tractor trailer bed that not only helps in the ease of unloading, but also helps in loading all the supplies and gardening gear without any hassles. Moreover, the wheel bearings are also sealed that improves their overall life without requiring much maintenance from time to time.

  • Makes use of premium-quality materials
  • Top-quality wheel bearings and tires
  • Ease of loading & unloading gardening tools & resources


  • Slightly hard to assemble
  • Slightly expensive

3. Agri-Fab Inc 45-0303 Steel Dump Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

The dump carts by Agri-Fab are the toughest lawn mower carts out there. This is because of the steel material that enhances the overall durability of the gardening appliance. The cart features an impressive capacity of around 17 cubic feet and is capable of carrying around a total load of around 350 lb. The cart is multi-functional, and can be used for transporting heavy wood logs, other gardening tools or appliances, gravel, and so more easily across the given landscape.

The lawn tractor cart is also known to sport the advanced powder-coating and scratch-resistant feature on its steel body. Moreover, there is a revolutionary foot lever release feature in the cart that allows you to quickly load as well as unload items through the garden. The 16-inch tires can help in transporting the stuff easily when attached to the lawn tractor.

  • Impressive capacity
  • Mechanism of foot lever release
  • Removable tail-gate with advanced guides
  • Tow-behind dump cart for the ease of loading, unloading, and transporting


  • Consumer-grade product
  • Low load capacity

4. Craftsman Dump Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

Featuring an impressive load capacity of around 350 lb. along with 10 cubic feet capacity, you can move most of your gardening items in one go. If you are looking for a dump cart that works well for both your residential as well as commercial gardening projects, this is the best-suited model out there. The classic dump cart allows you to make use of the lawn tractor to easily move around & transport gravel, dirt, resources, and other gardening tools or appliances seamlessly.

The process of emptying the cart is also hassle-free. All you are required to do is to release the foot pedal pump featuring the advanced 40-degree dump angle. This helps in unloading most of the gardening dump in one go. Moreover, the cart is also known to feature the unique universal design for fitting any brand of the lawn mowers out there.

  • High weight capacity of around 350 lbs. –allowing you to transport large quantities of soil, rock, firewood, and so more.
  • Rust-resistant material for improved durability
  • Presence of 14-inch ribbed, pneumatic tires for the ease of movement across the rough terrains of your garden.


  • Lower load capacity

5. Agri-Fab Poly Dump Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

Give away the hectic job of gathering garden waste with the help of this cutting-edge gardening tool in the form of a top-quality dump cart by Agri-Fab. When it comes to the top-class range of dump carts for your garden, Agri-Fab is known to lead the marketing with its innovative range of exclusive carts out there. This cart is known to feature an impressive capacity of 17 cubic feet that can be used for transporting gravel, sand, firewood, and other gardening essentials.

The dump cart is known for its durable steel frame and a poly bed that delivers great convenience while doing rounds across the garden. Moreover, the powder-coated & scratch-resistant material of the poly tow dump cart helps in increasing the overall lifespan of this vital gardening essential. The cart features the functional 16-inch tires that are ribbed and can move the cart seamlessly from one place to another.

  • Fit for all types of terrain vehicles
  • Powder-coat, scratch-resistant paint for improved durability
  • Sturdy tires help in ensuring smooth transportation of the cart


  • Difficult to assemble

6. Ohio Steel 4048PATV ATV Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

Ohio Steel is one of the oldest and the most reliable companies for designing state-of-the-art dump carts for garden tractors. The ATV dump cart is known to feature top-grade plastic material for improved durability and strength. The Ohio Steel ATV cart serves to be the best choice especially when you are looking for a top-quality swivel dump cart for your hauling job in the garden. The cart is known to feature the unique multi-hitch design that can be easily mounted on ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor.

Moreover, the cart also features the convenient swivel dump feature with the help of a foot pedal for allowing you to unload dump at an impressive 100-degree angle. The body has a total volume of around 12.5 cubic feet along with a total load capacity of 1250 pounds. The entire body of the cart is rust-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. There is a 12-inch ground clearance along with a rotating multi-hitch for easily conquering every part of the landscape.

  • Stable & sturdy body
  • Ease of assembly & disassembly
  • Ease of unloading
  • Impressive ground clearance


  • Requires constant greasing
  • No wheel bearings

7. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart

Last update on 2023-11-20

Being the parent company of Impact Implements, MotoAlliance is well-known for manufacturing and designing revolutionary models for garden appliances –especially the dump cart models. The cart boasts an impressive hauling capacity of 15 cubic feet along with supporting a total load capacity of 1500 pounds. This high-end garden tool is known to make your life simpler with its advanced features.

The cart also sports the quick release latch for delivering the ease of unloading. There is an impressive ground clearance of 12 inches with the help of a one-inch axle.

  • Well-built body
  • Premium-quality materials
  • Ease of loading & unloading


  • Difficult to assemble

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Buyer’s Guide

Consider the following aspects while buying the best dump cart for your garden:

  • The overall load capacity
  • Ease of loading & unloading
  • The type of terrain on which you will be operating
  • The overall garden dimension


Irrespective of the size of the dump cart that you are going for, keep the essential functionalities in mind, and bring home the best range of dump carts for garden tractors.

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